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      I'm not sure if this the correct place to post this, but I thought it would be my best shot. I've been banging my head against a brick wall, (A.K.A. the internet), trying to find information on the dimensions/measurement of the rear cradle, (crossmember) of a 2005 to present corvette. I've found plenty of pics, but not the info that I want.
      I pretty much need distance from front frame points, front and rear. Mount points from front to rear. overall length front to rear and sis to side would also be helpful. Distance between lower control arm bushings/mounting points would be good also. I can modify control arm length according to the track that I need to work with. Height between upper and lower control arms would be great too.

      My project that I plan to use this setup on is a Deuce for the moment. I hoping that someone, somewhere might have a C6 Vette or parts of a 1:1 Corvette C6 Transaxle question project that they could grab the measurements from. I can hopefully "Eyeball engineer" the rest of it. If so, if you could think of anything else I may need to know I would greatly appreciate it.

      Links to the info would be great too. Sorry to be a pain, but I'm kinda stuck.

      Thank you for you time.
      By the way, this is the transaxle setup, not the typical C4 Diff. If it makes a difference.

      Corvette C6 Transaxle question-suspension_bits-2-jpg
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    Try going to a dealership with a tape measure. Might work? Researching out dimensions is very frustrating for me as well.
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    You may have better luck at a collision repair shop. There are manuals that have key alignment dimensions for most components for collision repair. Dealers tend to be more sticky on doing this due to liability issues. Also have you checked for a Haynes repair manual? Sometimes they are a help.

    You may also track down the local Corvette club most members have plenty of resources for their particuliar model.

    Good Luck! I have been in your shoes and I know the frustration.

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    There are lots of 'Vette forums out there as well as Corvette clubs..........
    You might try signing up with one of the forums......having been involved with a few over the years I've found that they love to talk about their cars and are more than willing to share info.
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    Thanks all for the replies. Good info all the way around. I thought about but dismissed the idea of going to a dealership. If it were Chevy Aveo they might be ok with it, but a high dollar Corvette they may not be so willing. Still may be worth a try though. I used to work at Advance Auto and we sold Haynes manuals. They're almost as frustrating as internet searches. Lots of information... Except what you're looking for. I found a few specs online that if I'm able to decipher it, I may be able to reverse engineer it. Work from the outside in. If I have the Track measurement, (Would the track be measured from hub to hub, or outside tire to tire)? Subtract lower control arm length, the difference should be the size of the crossmember. It may not be exact, but it will be close enough to be identifiable as Corvette-ish. Its a hot Corvette C6 Transaxle question rod right. Modification goes with the territory.Corvette C6 Transaxle question-25c4e99d-60a4-483d-8d6e-e9e282d366b9-7132-00000bbc1218a7bf-jpg

    I just think that would look so good. If I can get it to actually look like something I'll post progress and look forward to any feedback.
    Thank you again.

    Corvette C6 Transaxle question

  5. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    I understand a dealer not liking the idea of somebody touching a customer car. And in a junk yard? There are certainly Corvettes there.

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    Well it seems that I may have my basic design in the works. Just some rough in stuff. I started with the transaxle first, using the kits quickchange as the vette differential, cutting the torque tube off and reversing it so now what was&nbsp;the rear will now mount to the trans. I'm&nbsp; doing a lot of guess-timations on proper length and shape but it's not going too bad. I have some repairs to do&nbsp;on the chassis so I can&nbsp;start the mods on it. If the frames not true, nothing else&nbsp;will be either. Control arms should be somewhat easy&nbsp;as it's a basic long arm, short arm suspension. I'm not&nbsp;sure yet whether or not to stick with the mono leaf spring or go with a set of coilovers. It'll depend on how many other liberties I'll need to take. It will either take on the feel of the&nbsp;shadetree hot Corvette C6 Transaxle question -rodder with a hot Corvette C6 Transaxle question wrench making things fit where they shouldn't. Or the full on customizer blending classic old school&nbsp;style with an emphasis on high performance. Chances are it'll be a lot of both. <BR><BR>As soon as I have something that actually looks like something I'll snap a few pics and hopefully get a little feedback on what's right or wrong.<BR><BR>Have a great weekend everyone,<BR>Take care.<BR><BR>Kevin.

    Corvette C6 Transaxle question


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