Copier Scale Conversion

Ever need a drawing in the exact scale?

Drawings are most effective when printed in the exact scale of the item you need. When printed they can be used directly for dimensional measurements, i.e. laying the item parts directly on top of the drawings. Additionally, they can also be used to check the accuracy of the parts. All rates are given in percents.

1.Simply enter the existing document's scale and the desired scale.
2. Press Calculate Steps.

Existing Document (From)


Final Desired Scale (To)


set copier to: % of Original.


Copier's MINIMUM Zoom Factor %

Copier's MAXIMUM Zoom Factor %

Most copiers have a minimum zoom of 80% and a maximum zoom of 120%. When the % of the Original is greater or less than the zoom limit, additional steps need to be taken to reach the final desired scale. Unfortunately, copiers are not exact in the zoom, but the steps listed below will get you very close.

Quick Scale Calculator

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