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Scale Calculator

Convert from Real-Life to Scale Size.
Scale Factor 1: Convert:
Real Size:  
  which equals Convert scale:
Scale Size:  
Enter the Scale Factor, for 1/8th scale, enter 8.
In the Real Size, enter the real-world size.
Press, "Into Inch's" or "Into CM's " to select unit of measurement.

Convert from Scale Size to Real-Life.
Scale Factor: :1 Convert:
Scale Size:  
  which equals Convert scale:
Real Size:  
This is the reverse of the calculator above
Enter the Scale Factor, for 1/8h scale, enter 8.
In the Scale Size box, enter the measurement of a scaled object.
Press, "Into Inch's" or "Into CM's " Same as above.

Convert from Model Scale to Model Scale      ~The answer is in the Upper calculator's "Scale Size" box.~
Thus the part needs to move from:   to         

Enter the desired scale in the Upper (Real-life to Scale) calculator's "Scale Factor" box (8 for a 1/8th scale)
Enter the original model's scale in the Middle (Scale to Real-life) calculator's "Scale Factor" box(24 for 1/24th scale).
Enter the model's measurement in the Lower (Scale to Real-life) calculator's "Scale size" box (i.e. 6 inches).

More converters and charts
(use the METRIC CALCULATOR to do any preliminary feet-to-inches, meters-to-centimeters conversions.)

Reference Charts:

 Decimal Equivalent Chart  Drill Index Cross Reference  American Wire Gauge Chart  All three charts combined
   Complete List of Almost All Scales