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      A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had picked up Hawk's 1/6 scale flathead and that Bob Cline asked me to do a product review. I haven't completed the engine yet but I have some good info for those that are waiting to build this kit.

      First things first. As I mentioned before, at about $30 bucks, this kit is a good bet for modelers of all skills. For those who want to make a quick model, the parts come detailed and painted. The fit of the parts are pretty good but no matter how you decide to build this engine, I would use a different adhesive than the regular styrene Hawk 1/6 1948 Ford Flathead Product Review cement or CA in a number of places. Don't forget that you'll have some metal to plastic junctions to contend with that won't work with the regular styrene Hawk 1/6 1948 Ford Flathead Product Review cement and the styrene Hawk 1/6 1948 Ford Flathead Product Review seems to take a bit longer to soften which makes me think we're not using the regular quality styrene Hawk 1/6 1948 Ford Flathead Product Review were used to. The part finishes are fairly good but there are a few rough edges and light flash Hawk 1/6 1948 Ford Flathead Product Review to deal with. You may need to touch up some of those areas. The final product though should produce a very nice model for display or for shoehorning into a 1/6 scale model.

      Now for all you builders like myself who just can't seem to leave well enough alone, this model has really fantastic potential for superdetailing to whatever degree your heart desires. I will start a new thread along with this one to document each step I've taken, some of the problem solving needed and what I've done including the tools to get my results. Stay tuned to this channel for the next episode of the hot Hawk 1/6 1948 Ford Flathead Product Review ford coupe show.;';;';;';;';;';;';
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