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      Hi Everyone,
      I recently completed a build of the Pocher Mercedes Classic Roadster it was my first Pocher build which I enjoyed thoroughly. This is not to say there weren't any frustrations and wrong turns (see an earlier post of mine when I messed up the bonnet (hood) and needed some advice from the Forum) but despite these, or perhaps because of them, the end result was that much more gratifying. I will post pics of the model shortly.

      Anyway, the point of this post is to get to another model, one which I have been saving up for a free moment: the 1/12 Bentley Blower. This kit has been re-released by Airfix, though the pic on the box reflects a different car and chassis from the earlier kits, and this is probably a rights issue. The kit however appears exactly the same, and while waiting an interminable period for it to arrive here through the suppliers Cape Town, South Africa), I gave up and started watching Ebay for one. I eventually got one really cheap as it seems buyers were scared off by the listing which indicated loose parts. I did a full inventory when it arrived and accounted for every single part except for one taillight, which can easily be fabricated. All in all, I got the kit for a less than third of the price of the new kit - shipping included! The only downside is that the kit shows the molds to be old (this is an MPC 1/12 1930 Bentley Blower release from the 1990s), as I have not seen this amount of flash 1/12 1930 Bentley Blower in a long time! Thats presumably one advantage of getting the new kit - that the molds would have been cleaned out (hopefully!).

      In any event, I still have my eye on the new kit, and thought this would be a trainer kit for me given that I love this car and am happy to build it a few times. So immediately I finished the Pocher, that same evening I was checking out the Bentley kit. I decided to start by finding and downloading as many references pics that I could find (so if any of you have some please let me know). Of course being a Bentley each one of them was different, and even each race car was different. But I thought I would stick to the classic one of the original Airfix/MPC kit, the one currently owner by Ralph Lauren.

      I reckon this build will be mainly a stock build, though I hope to play around with using real mesh for the headlights, fuel tank and as protection for the supercharger. And use real leather in the interior (which I did with the Pocher so learnt a few things there). Mostly I want to become acquainted with the kit, and then see how it goes the next time.

      So hI started on the engine and supercharger, and have some pics of those. These Bentleys were pretty awesome cars: Arguably the worlds largest four cylinder engine (4.4L) with twin sparkplugs per cylinder. WO Bentley himself wasn't a huge fan of supercharging, though Tim Birkin did persuade him to let him develop the technology and try it out at Le Mans. In any event, the Villiers supercharger is a magnificient piece of equipment and adds serious gravitas to the front of the car.

      Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

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    Looking at the pics now I realise the spark plug leads are hopelessly out of scale - I need to remedy that tomorrow.

    1/12 1930 Bentley Blower

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    You might check this thread for info on the kit and 1:1 1/12 1930 Bentley Blower Blower Bentleys.

  3. Solyrus's Avatar Active Member
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjordan View Post
    You might check this thread for info on the kit and 1:1 Blower Bentleys.
    Thanks, Skip, will certainly check it out, the more reference pics the better.

    1/12 1930 Bentley Blower

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