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Thread: Pocher tires

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      I am trying to fit the tires to the wire wheels. The kit is the K75 Rolls Cabriolet, the early version, so many years old. I'm having a problem with the size of the tire v. the wheel. The tire seems to be too small in diameter so that when it is on the wheel the internal diameter of the tire's outside wall overlaps the rib on the nickel metal flange. I hope that makes sense. It seems that if I were to make the overall diameter of the wheel bigger by sticking some styrene Pocher tires or plastic around the circumference then this might push the inside of the tire outwards and thereby lift the edge of the tire off the metal rib of the flange.

      Has anyone else had this problem and what is the solution?

      In frustration............

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    At one time someone was selling machined rims with a slot to hold the tire. $120.00 a set if I recall.

    You may also have problems with the screw heads sticking up too far. Flat head screws would cure Pocher tires that.


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    Well right now the Pocher tyres got their age, which means, that the softening components(hope I got the right description with my poor English)vanished, what makes them a kind of brittle or unflexible.. I made my wheels by soaking the tyres in Armor All for some days and get them heated about 75 degrees Celcius before mounting.

    Hope that'll be a little help



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    Hi, thanks for your quick replies; the flexibility of the tire isn't my problem, I heat it with a hairdryer and it is perfectly flexible to fit the wheel, and the rim screws have already been filed flush.

    The problem is that the tire overlaps and partially hides the rim.

    The only cure Pocher tires I can envisage is to increase the diameter of the wheel so the whole tire is slightly stretched and sits higher, and also to trim the inside of the tire wall so it's not so thick.

    I have tried to increase the diameter by sticking a strip of 1/16" plastic 1/2" wide around the circumference of the wheel, the result is a definite improvement and increases the diameter of the inside of the tire wall a smidge. If I now trim the inside of the tire wall, sort of chamfer it.......................
    What do you reckon?

    Pocher tires

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