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      After building a couple of Willys Jeeps (1944 MB and a 1953 CJ3B) I had the idea to recreate an exact copy of my Jeep. I believe not many are familiar with this model since it is a Mahindra built in small numbers, so I'll first introduce the original. This is a Mahindra CJ 4 (note that Jeep only built one-of prototype CJ 4 model) built in 1970 in Bombay. It was imported to Yugoslavia (at the time) along with CJ3B in exchange with some weaponry. All the parts are identical to the Willys CJ 3B right down to the F-134 Hurricane engine. My father bought it in 1997 with only 12.000kms on the odometer and we've had it since. During the 15 years of ownership we've kept it pretty much original with the exception of the engine. It now has a 2.3 Diesel from a Ford Sierra because the Hurricane was very thirsty.

      Here's the Jeep

      I started the model this past summer of 2011 from the frame. Material is 0.4mm aluminum from offset printing technology and so far CA glue 1:16 Mahindra CJ4 (scratch built copy of my 1:1) works great.

      front bumper with holes and rivets

      rear bumper with crossmembers

      leaf springs and D44 axles

      Started the body from the floors up. I used simple plywood dies and the result was good but with lots of space for improving

      Here you can see the firewall in its rough form.

      Next I built the rear wheel wells. I don't have tools for stamping so I added strips of aluminum to replicate the floor patterns.

      The long rectangular part is actually the difference between the 3B and the 4. The difference is roughly a 30cm longer wheelbase for the CJ 4.

      The underside is copied in the same manner...

      to be continued...

      1:16 Mahindra CJ4 (scratch built copy of my 1:1)
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    You've got mail! Looking good bud!
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    What do you mean by I've got mail, David? Sorry, I don't understand :)
    The new semester has began yesterday so work will slow down again.

    1:16 Mahindra CJ4 (scratch built copy of my 1:1)

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    Amazing work Sir!


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