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Thread: Fish Truck

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      Okay, this will be the official thread for my Fish Truck build. It may have been known by other names but now we'll just go with Fish Truck.

      To refresh your memory and bring the new guys up to speed, the Fish Truck is a build I'm doing for a freind who likes trucks and espially Ford trucks. JHe has a fish taxidermy business - thus Fish Truck. It is a concept/show car build, not meant to replicate an exact car.

      It is loosely based on a '32 because I'm using a heavily modified deuce cowl. Also, the frame rails are inspired by actual '32 rails although the frame is completely scratch built Fish Truck - including all crossmembers, K-members, etc.

      This weekend I managed to modify the cab (also scratch built Fish Truck ). I shortened the cab, added a smaller mail-slot rear window, made a removable roof (for display/photo purposes and as an aid in construction). I also made a console mock-up which looks cool but if I go with a console I'll have to figure out what to do with the shift linkage.

      The interior will have Disco-style (removable) door panels, using two-tone velour and wood among other materials. I also designed the ceiling Disco-style so it can have a matching velour headliner, easily installed during final assembly.

      I also made a pickup box. The box is designed to accept wood stake rail sides or a removable tonneau cover. I could also make a removable camper-shell type thing because it would still mount to where the stake rails go in.

      So far, with frame, cab & truck bed pretty much complete, the only non-scratchbuilt part I've used is the deuce cowl.

      Other ideas I'm throwing around are big-rig style exhaust stacks, truck mirrors and a brodie knob for the steering wheel. I am also using the wide Goodrich tires in the rear and the wide Goodyears in front. Yes, you heard right. I am going for real bigs and bigs. It's the look I'm going for - not practicality (although I'm sure Grandpa will talk me into adding a power-steering pump). Wheels will be the deep dish daisy mags all the way around.

      I still need to add the body molding trim to the cab (Evergreen half-round strip) and make some modifications to the door honges before I post pictures. Hopefully that will be this week.

      That's it for now. More to come.


      Fish Truck

      Build Photos

      Fish Truck-fishtruck-png 

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    I agree too. The cowl looks way better than the original part. I'm not surprised. It's Stevie who's doing the work.
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    Aint a derned thing wrong with that! I like it. Sorry to say pal but I think destroying Fish truck cab V1 was a good thing.
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    Hows it coming along Steve?

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