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      Volkswagen : Bus/Vanagon VW VAN VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON PHOENIX BUS MICROBUS CAMPER | Buy a Volkswagen Classic Car for Sale at

      Still trying to decide where this build will go, it hasn't started talking to me yet

      I figured the best way to begin was by chopping up a VW, right?

      This one's been sitting around approximately forever with the ESC and receiver out of it. Old Kyosho body on a Wild Ceptor I bought for the tires, back when that was the only way to get Sand VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever Blasters. 20 bucks for a brand-new kit ain't a bad deal :D The Ceptor (WTF does that word even mean?) has no suspension, so the floor is nice and flat and I can build the wheel wells nice and tight. Other than that it's pretty much worthless.

      So I got this far:

      ... and ran out of glue. The front end needs a bit of tweaking, either it needs to be longer (but I think it's plenty long enough) or the angle needs to be changed, to get the front panel slimmed down to headlight size. That will come in time.

      The Phoenix never came as an assembled vehicle or even a kit; just a set of plans out of a 1978 issue of Popular Science, so no two are alike. I don't know how many are out there.

      For paint, disco stripes seem to be called for Not sure if I'll build it with a fold-out tent, or regular van style. Time's gonna tell. But first I need more glue.

      VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever
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  1. I can't take credit for Dolly, I found her on eBay. Look under 1/8 figures, anime. Among the various ninjas, dragons and freaks you'll find quite a few lovelies cast in resin VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever . The face is a little off, huge eyes and a small nose, but you don't look at her face that much anyway

    VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

  2. Got the roof on. Thought about making it a tilt-up Westfalia style, but eff it.

    Gotta have mirrors on the ceiling :D

    Drinks console

    Overall progress

    VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

  3. Wow, has it really been six weeks since I updated this thread?

    The van is finished (only a few detail parts added) but I can't get it outside for pics. It's been raining that long. Maybe I should have built a boat instead.

    VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

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    Ya know Stu, I have to say that this aint really my stien of suds, the '70s are over and there is darn good reason for that.

    The funny thing is, I keep coming back and looking again, and again. I was a teenager for most of the '70s and back then I would have given up two of my last three c*****s for a van like this!

    Damn nice build Busted, I love the creativity!

    PS. The Backseat Bimbo is priceless!
    USMC, Retired

    Evil prevails when good men stand idle.

  5. Finally got some sunshine (or at least a dry day) so I took some pics:

    Apologies if you can see the boobies, last time I use Photobucket to edit pics.

    View thru the sunroof

    Nose candy

    Sporty cockpit

    VW Phoenix camper/van/whatever
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

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