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      Mieaux vaut tard que jamais! (Better late than never!)

      Well, its been a very long time since I last finished a model! The Beatles were still hoped to reunite! and Nixon was just about to be toppled!
      (Also, this is my first scratch built A Model A Model, (finally!) model!)

      Both of the above statements are true, however, I have studied model making my whole life, and been around it and model makers, since I was just a little Donald. I was the manager of Paul Freiler's Historical Models for half my life, at the time I left it. I then did a too short stint making models for the movies. I worked in Northrops display model group for a few months, and I have been working in the concept car field for nineteen years!

      I am afraid that I might have been "Hijacking" some of your threads, I do go on and on! but never of course was that my intent, and if I have offended anyone? please accept my apologies!

      All that said, here I go!

      A Model A Model, (finally!)
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    Hi Don,
    We are doing great at this end. So far we have dodged the virus. We do get out a little but limit our exposure. I'm 75 although I don't act like it I have to realize how old I am and take the necessary precautions. Staying busy in the shop making chips, and plastic models. My plastic is smaller scale, 1/24-1/25 cars and a variety of aircraft in different scales. I do have a lot of completed projects I just try to keep them somewhat auto related for the forum. I don't want to veer off too far.
    Thanks for asking,
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    I have an older Craftsman band saw. At the time is was marketed you could buy a two speed gear box attachment for it, which I did. For brass and aluminum I can use the higher blade speed but for steel I have to use the slower one. I cut all kinds of material on it and it has held up real well. The most important thing in using a bandsaw is to use a blade with at least 3 teeth in the stock. For really thin material this isn't possible but as long as the stock isn't over fed the blades won't break teeth.
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