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      I have started on a challenge to custom build a scale transfer dump truck and trailer, My first build of this kind...
      This is my inspiration for the build.
      transfer dump semi RC-20160329_132603-jpg

      A scale layout of the semi dump truck and trailer
      transfer dump semi RC-20160419_073223-jpg ...and a few peeks at the rough fitting on the trailer.
      .transfer dump semi RC-20160429_155452-jpg
      transfer dump semi RC-20160525_063149-jpgtransfer dump semi RC-20160525_232947-jpg
      Reshape the aftermarket leafs to conform to the scale of the transfer dump.
      transfer dump semi RC-20160526_131535-jpg top look at the low trailer tongue..
      transfer dump semi RC-20160601_122259-jpg first time ever making and producing the fenders with my D I Y vacuum
      forming table using styrene transfer dump semi RC to create my own design of a fender that's low and clean..

      transfer dump semi RC-20160629_050939-jpgtransfer dump semi RC-20160616_212803-jpg
      Thats all for this edition of "Transfer dump SEMI RC"..
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