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      Hi. I've been making quite a few sets of 15 inch Racing Dunlop wheels and tyres for people recently to convert the Monogram / Revell 1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts E Type's to the famous racing Light weight's.

      I have both 15 and 16 inch wheels and Dunlop Tyres in various widths, which i use for my own D and E Type 1:8 scale finished models. I have been wondering if people would be interested in a full transkit to convert the standard Fixed head coupe kit into a full blown racing lightweight roadster ?

      I am just finishing a set of early wheels and tyres for a lovely guy in the Netherlands at the moment who is making his own scratch built 1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts Lightweight , and i thought i would ask if any other people would be interested ?
      1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts-resized-img_9824-jpg

      The kit of parts would be as follows

      1./ new bonnet a new with the correct headlight shape spot lamps and additional louvres and fly screen and external metal bonnet catches
      2./ works hardtop with vents with amended window frames to replace the kit parts and rear screen and front rear view mirror.
      3./ A set of x4 round hole Dunlop Racing wheels, spinners and Dunlop racing tyres in 15 inch diameter as used on the early lightweight E types.
      4./ new racing roadster replacement back end which would be a direct replacement with opening bootlid and Roadster rear bulkhead.
      5./ racing fuel tank with correct working monza fuel fillercap and spare wheel and tyre
      6./ racing lightweight E Type Right hand drive dashboard and early Jaguar racing bucket seats
      7./ An exterior kit of parts. including a full transfer sheet, metal race marker lights and Sill extensions. a raised releif rear numberplate . Side window air scoops.

      You would need a new or old existing Monogram / Revell 1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts kit as a start.

      As a second smaller under bonnet Trans Kit i am making full race E Type engine. with all the correct period detais these include

      1./ A new 35/ 40 Jaguar racing wide angle head with metal cam covers and the breather additions
      2./ A replica of the Aluminum engine block
      3./ dry sump with pipework and dry sump tank
      4./ Lucas fuel injection system
      1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts-resized-img_9822-jpg

      I look forward to your ideas . to progress i would need about 5 or 6 people.

      I'm trying to keep things a realistic price, the main kit will be limited to only 25 sets so very exclusive but also very concise. It will be of the Number 14 Briggs Cunningham lightweight as raced at Le Mans in 1963
      1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts-img_9757-jpg

      1/8 scale Monogram / Revell E Type parts
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  1. broadspeed's Avatar Active Member
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    maybe he welt to LE MANS ????

  2. broadspeed's Avatar Active Member
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    Nov 2012
    oops ( went )

  3. XKE's Avatar Member
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    Any of these parts still available?


  4. Egon's Avatar Moderator
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    Try with a privat message, and it should be on his email.


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