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    1. Kit: Monogram, by (VIP/Sponsor) Old Busted Hotness is offline
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      Yay, I'm back! Found this poor Trans Am on ebay and had to rescue it:

      Yeah, it's a mess. Everything's either broken or glue-spattered, usually both. But I think I can fix it. Gonna try, anyway. What the heck, it was cheap enough.

      Since the roof is cracked and will need repair anyway, I thought I'd fill it in. Not all Firebirds came with T-tops after all. First step was to grind away the edges from the T-top glass. The panels will be glued in place and the whole thing will get a liberal coat of filler.

      The nose is broken into 4 pieces. The grilles were still in place but I managed to pop them out for cleanup and paint. The car is coming apart easily, as it was built with non-toxic glue (still smells like oranges). Two headlight buckets are missing. If anyone has some spares, give me a holla!

      Got some Big Deuce mags that I can turn into Rallye II's, probably.

      I hit the gold wheels with acetone to remove the paint from the lugs and center caps. I should go round the edges, too, as they were machined bare on gold-wheel cars. Why go to the trouble? Because I'm weak. I bought another Trans Am, this one unmolested, which I'll build into a gold SE. And these were already painted so what the heck, right?

      The plan for this one, since there are no decals, is to remove the scoops and spoilers and build a Formula (whether or not I build it as a Turbo Formula is undecided. No turbo means flattening the hood and adding scoops. But since there's a glue sink on the hood, it'll need attention anyway. Could happen.). The Formula was like a T/A with much less restrained graphics. Anyway it'll be a nice change-up.

      This could go on for a long time, so stay tuned!

      Eff'd-up F-body Restoration
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  1. 3.Star's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
    Michael J.
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    Feb 2009
    Yess Master, you were turning the dead bodies to a new life.

    "Igor" Michael

  2. chassisdude's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Jan 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by spinellid82 View Post
    Groovy man!

    Groovy...Really.... You have resurrected the dead..... Well done...
    I have done so much, With so little, for so long, I can do anything with nothing...

  3. VintageModMan's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2011
    Love em OBH ... that disco bird is cool stuff really takes you back!

  4. Banditclone's Avatar Active Member
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    Aug 2020
    I wasn't really feeling the disco bird when I first saw the center scoop on there. But when painted with the offset stripes........ me likey.


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