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Thread: Chaparral 2J

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      I originally started this model as a solid block of insulation which I quickly found out was the wrong way to do it, way too much sanding Chaparral 2J and carving to get your shape.

      I've found some 3/16 foam board (20 x 30 inches) for a dollar each that has heavy paper on each side making it pretty stiff. It's not that hard to remove the paper, if you remove it from one side it makes it semi flexible, if you remove it from both sides the foam is more flexible although for tighter bends I am guessing some relief cuts on the inside will be needed.

      I am building this as a curbside, the underside will be very basic and no suspension since it can't be seen, it will have a detailed interior. I am designing this as I go, fortunately, no setbacks yet.

      Here are the sides with some braces for gluing Chaparral 2J the top and bottom parts on. I didn't do the greatest job of cutting them straight, a little too shaky for freehand cutting so now I use a guide. Later I sanded them straight.

      Chaparral 2J

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    I got a little farther on the nose. I built a box for the axle to slide through that's inside the radiator outlet to help keep the axle from warping in the future and then I sheeted the radiator outlet. To get the tight curve, in about 5/16 of an inch space I made around seven or eight cuts about 3/quarter of the way through the sheet which let me get a nice curve keeping its smooth on the outside. The other two pieces are the inside of the fenders, I will probably need to trim away the front of them.

    Chaparral 2J
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