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      When I started this build I had no intention of building the General Lee as everyone knows it. I am a Charger fan long before I am a "Dukes" fan but still like the look of the General Lee so I hope I don't hurt any GL purists out there looking on. I built one as a kid and have always wanted to have a second shot at it. Only this time I got to add my own touches to it. I started with the stance. I didn't like the high stance of the Lee at all so I set out lowering a bit all the way around. I also went with wider wheels from the AMT General Lee....ish '69 Charger Eckler Corvette kit and used a set of tires(which I turned into Bf G's by way of decals ) from the Revell General Lee....ish '69 Charger Challenger T/A kit so I could have a more aggressive look. Secondly, if I had one of these it only makes sense to have opening doors....hence the door handles. Third, I love the looks of the 69 Charger R/T grille.....a true testament to the aggressive looking front ends of the time so I opted to show the R/T grille unobstructed by not installing the grille guard up front. Just couldn't do it guys. Lastly, the GL is NOT an R/T which I simply could not have. If I'm going to build a Charger then it's gonna be an R/T and it's gonna have a 440 and not a 383. You're also not going to find a roll bar or CB radio inside. I love the looks of a factory interior in any car and have always liked the Charger interiors in particular so I couldn't "spoil" any of that.

      The kit is from Revell General Lee....ish '69 Charger . Paint is Testors "Go-Mango" lacquer General Lee....ish '69 Charger with Testors "Wet Look" clear. Decals are from the MPC General Lee....ish '69 Charger GL kit which was really the only visible part that I took from that kit. The front and rear license plate decals came from Thomas Logan at Speedway Decals. The OOB General Lee....ish '69 Charger exhaust tips sucked so I replaced them with aluminum rod cut to length as well as bevel cut and polished. All scrips and details are from the Model Car Garage PE set for the Revell General Lee....ish '69 Charger kit.

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    Man....I'll tell ya. I did NOT realize that this was a large scale model building forum. That one right there is on me and I apologize for that. Leave it to me to not completely read the forum description.

    General Lee....ish '69 Charger

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    It is a beautiful car. -I can remember one day seeing two in traffic, daring each other to a race, and being a kid, I was transfixed! -until I saw the tail of a Superbird snaking it's way through the traffic. It was all very exciting and a fond memory.
    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

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