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      Getting into model cars and open to suggestions and tips from anyone. Wanna learn and make imporovments upon each project.

      I grew up with my father owning and collecting mopar classics. so i thiught it was only right that i start off with a few that i found at local crafts store.

      Starting off with a revell First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24

      picked up a starter kit of paint/sand paper, glue, knife and brushes. Also picked up a spray can of black, gloss and orange ( which i plan on painting the body)

      iíll try to update every day

      Build Photos

      First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24-cdab9ea7-4d2e-4460-9cfc-84327450fed6-jpg  First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24-d3d4d0ee-4608-428b-a028-ccdc96b3baee-jpg  First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24-cfa7f064-42cc-486f-aa62-0aaaeda9534c-jpg  First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24-36b616fe-4555-431c-ae60-7b4b063dd6d7-jpg  First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24-3693288b-49f8-42f8-8fb4-dd5522daa80e-jpg  First project : 1971 hemi cuda 1/24-230696a0-c187-4723-a1f2-25273b0589a7-jpg 

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