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Thread: LHD Seven

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      It's been a while since I built a Super Seven. Some might think after building one from scratch and building so many of them I'd have gotten tired of them. It's apparently an addiction.

      This was a factory built Caterham model from Tamiya LHD Seven I bought in 2002 so I could display it next to the Red Super Seven I built and heavily modified/detailed to show the difference between what the kit builds straight from the box and the changes I did.
      I took it apart and I am going to make it Left Hand Drive along with some other upgrades. I had already begun tinkering with it when I took this picture of it looking like a pile of junk.

      LHD Seven
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    LHD Seven
    After shooting the final clear on the hood I was quite pleased with the outcome, at first... The graphics came out fine which were my primary focus, but secondarily were the louvers. I did not like the little fillets of clear on the louvers that I expected to pull in as it dried. So I stripped it in the solvent tank and with the paint the filler came off.

    I redid the body work like the first time, but then thought it needed something more…
    I formed and fitted a fairing to the carb opening in the hood out of sheet aluminum.

    I masked off the white and shot the blue.

    Then masked the blue too and shot the orange. Ready for decals…

    The decals have been applied. I added some new Caterham lettering I drew and printed for it too.
    Still needs to be sanded to fully smooth out the Gulf logo, but I like the louvers better than the last try. Plus it has the new fairing.

    Clear has been cut and buffed… I am satisfied.

    LHD Seven
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    Looks great! Wish I had the skills and the time!

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