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      G'day everyone. Here's something I thought you all would find a little bit different. Near my home in Toowoomba is the Queensland Governments "Main Roads Heritage Centre". They have this display on until late November at which time it will move on to another town and will take 2 years to tour Australia.

      It's called "Industrial Desire. Detroit Concept Cars". I was told by the woman who runs the place that these cars were made by students from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Students of transport design were asked to create cars they would expect to see 10 years from now, although these cars will never make it to production.

      The designers started out drawing up sketches of their ideas, then doing 3D computer images and finally creating a model. Apparently they start out with high density foam to get the basic shape, then clay is applied and sculpted and the shape refined. When the shape is satisfactory the model is primed and painted using automotive paints. The students also had to take into consideration the drive train, interior and cargo space, safety features, and the impact on nature and the environment while designing their concept cars.

      These guys are very talented and some of them will end up being automotive designers of the future for some of the leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. I guess this is the learning and training part of their new career.

      There are 9 models on display and all measure around 1 metre or more in length. Vacuum formed acrylic 1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars. was used to make the roof of the 1st model, a Hyundai 'Hydrogen 2020'; The 2nd is a Lincoln designed for Government with no windows or driver, operates via remote and satellite; 3rd is a Dodge Link with modular storage and transport solutions. My boy Jake is checking out the new look Jeep in 4th place; 5th is a Chevy; 6th- who would like to get around in a new Dodge Ram? 7th place is taken by Citroen. 8th? Not sure, but it reminds me of a Corvette Stingray pace car I once built. And in 9th spot, keeping them all under control is a Chrysler.

      Cheers all,

      Build Photos

      1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-001-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-005-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-006-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-007-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-018-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-009-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-010-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-012-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-015-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-019-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-020-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-021-jpg 

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  1. michael's Avatar Active Member
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    thats cool thanks for sharing Dave


  2. Dr Dave's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Those photos are models 1 to 5, these photos are models 6 to 9.
    Hope you enjoy the tour.

    1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.
    Attached Images Attached Images 1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-022-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-023-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-025-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-026-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-027-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-029-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-030-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-032-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-033-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-035-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-036-jpg  1/4 scale Detroit Concept Cars.-detoit-concept-cars-038-jpg 

  3. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    That's something you don't see every day. Those entries are outstanding especially that Chevy #5. The one that resembles a Sting Ray also looks like it could be the Bat Mobile. Thanks for sharing this.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

  4. strevo's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Quote Originally Posted by hot ford coupe View Post
    That's something you don't see every day. Those entries are outstanding especially that Chevy #5. The one that resembles a Sting Ray also looks like it could be the Bat Mobile. Thanks for sharing this.
    I am an alumni of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and have seen some of these types of vehicle models in process. I was in the product design group, so my models were all of products instead of cars, but I helped out some of my classmates on their cars. Sculpting a car out of clay and having it be symmetrical when you're done is no easy feat! All manner of guides and templates are cut from plastic & cardboard to insure the symmetry of the model. The reason they don't just design it in the computer and have it all milled out of foam is that you can see subtle reflection lines and the way the light will play on the forms better in real life, so you get it close with the computer, then finish it out by sculpting. Some students didn't even use a computer model to start, just a box and a big lump of clay. Students were known to spend days in the lab, even sleeping on the floor to get their forms just right. It was always worth it at the end of the semester though to see those big models with their shining paint, a student's dream come to life!
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