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    1. Kit: Fein Design Modell, by (Avid Belgian) DominiqueBeerts is offline
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      On the table is a rather unusual kit, issued by Fein Design Modell (a few German enthousiasts: Karl-Heinz Hornberg en Michael Philipp).
      They are mainly active in scratch build 1969 GT40 Engine - Fein Design Modell - 1:8 - REVIEW models on 1:8 scale and high-end slotcar bodies.

      The subject of this kit is the Gurney Eagle engine of the famous 1969 Ford GT40. The word Ford is not on the box for obvious reasons.
      Fein Design Modell started from the scratch-built model made by Michael Philipp, also known on this forum as Mad Mike.

      Castings have been done in black resin 1969 GT40 Engine - Fein Design Modell - 1:8 - REVIEW and are really stunning, just as the embedded detail. Everything is done with very much care and the resultat is a high quality kit.
      Things have been neatly packed and presented. The instructions come as a photo report with additional comments. The instructions come in German, but on simple request they can deliver an English version per mail.
      Not that you will need it, the instructions are very clear in my opinion.

      If you think the number of cast resin 1969 GT40 Engine - Fein Design Modell - 1:8 - REVIEW parts is not that elaborate, you will be impressed by all the extras, packed in little bags as there
      are bolts, nuts, washers, cables, rods, a rubber drive belt, white metal valve covers with gaskets, and so on. Of some kind of accessories you get 1 item, 110 of another kind.
      A little bag of spares is even provided, just in case you lose some of them while building everything together.

      You can get an optional engine stand as I have understood, but it can be just as much fun to build your own.

      If you want a kit, don't wait too long. Mine has got number 5, and there have been 40 made, so ...
      You now what to talk ask Santa.
      See their webiste:

      I will let the photos speek for themselves.

      On the workbench soon !
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  1. roymattblack's Avatar Established Member
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    Jul 2010
    It does look amazing.
    Bottom line... Cost?


  2. Twokidsnosleep's Avatar Established Member
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    Jan 2015
    Thanks for sharing this, it is a thing of beauty. Love to see a WIP 1969 GT40 Engine - Fein Design Modell - 1:8 - REVIEW thread as you build
    Unfortunate for me I have spent my limit on Pochers over the last year so wife has cut me off..darn Bugatti
    Congrats to Mike et all on a beautiful looking kit

  3. DominiqueBeerts's Avatar Avid Belgian
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    Feb 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by roymattblack View Post
    It does look amazing.
    Bottom line... Cost?

    It can be yours at 499 euro. Not cheap, but fun garanteed !

    1969 GT40 Engine - Fein Design Modell - 1:8 - REVIEW
    Best regards,

    Feel free to browse through my photo albums

  4. Hemi Killer's Avatar Active Member
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    Feb 2009
    This kit is incredible. I have #7. I will definitely be waiting a bit until I am a little more confident in my abilities. Pictures don't do it justice. The mold quality puts the major manufacturers to shame.

  5. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    May 2012
    Impressive kit.


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