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  1. Who's ready for another money pit gearhead hobby?? This is all twicepipes falt. He took me to the track. I would not close my eyes and not look now I am hooked. Did a little creative trading and now own this. Stuck a parts box tamia Renalt body on it. I call it S-Car-Go. Get it? Anyway the fastest I have gone with it is a real 44 mph. on the scale 1/8 mile. hand built chassis from brass tubing and music wire. 16d motor. Somthing fun to do on Fri. night. Some of these guys are pushing close to 65-70 mph with these things!
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    It's a fine line between stupid and cleaver....
    David St. Hubbins "Spinal Tap"

  2. Very cool Rich! At some Goodguys events they set up a scale dragstrip and run 1/4, 1/6th and 1/8th gas engine powered dragsters. Some even have reversers and a slider clutch.

  3. These little things are addicting, arenít they!?!? 1/24 and 1/32 are too big for my little townhouse, but Deuces-Wild got me interested again in HO slot cars. I have a couple chassisís and Iím working on correcting the Johnny Lightning reissue of the Aurora 289 Cobra (also working on correcting my screw-ups on it!) as well as turning one into a 427 Cobra. Iím also making a balsa wood buck for a Ferrari 250 Breadvan. These little cars are a blast to work on!

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    Oh no. The memories are flooding back. There goes my bank account.
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  5. These are realy not that expencive to build. Little brass tubing and some music wire Engine cradle is about 4.00 engine 14.00 tires about 20.00 body out of the parts box and your'e racing! I am going to build another one in the near future I went over to a guys house Sat. night and watched him build a chassis in about 2 hours. All the cars they race have the same motors so they are pretty evenly matched. All boils down to tuning the car and the reaction time at the tree !
    It's a fine line between stupid and cleaver....
    David St. Hubbins "Spinal Tap"

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