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      "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it." My mother used to say that and it has now become reality (once again). I was searching for a Jag body to possibly fit to my RC, but didn't want to do any alteration to an intact body. They are hard to get and tend to run out of my price range on eBay. Well this carcass showed up and the price was right, but it was in rougher shape than I imagined. Aside from the whole hood and nose being cracked in two, the roof was cracked and the floor pan too. Lots of parts are missing too, but the basic body shell has all the pieces. I separated the floorpan and firewall, and started figuring where I will alter it. My vision for this is as a speedster and i will use the roof as part of the back deck. For now it will sit while I finish up the Corvette GSR. I have lots of things to work through before I move forward. Suggestions welcome. Shots attached.

      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jag-junk-pile-jpg

      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jag-hood-crack-jpg

      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jag-roof-crack-jpg

      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jag-project-floor-pan-jpg

      Here's the reconstituted shell.
      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jag-jpg

      Here's the direction I want to go in.
      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jaguar-xke-brg-5-jpg

      Mine will have a 1 inch shorter wheelbase and I am mulling over how to cover my wider track. I'd prefer not to do flares like the GSR project, but rather widen the body in more subtle ways. That will sort it self out in time Lord willing.


      P.S. Included in the heap of parts, was the back end of a T-Bucket which has a side cracked off of it. Message me if interested.

      Jaguar XK Junk Heap

      Build Photos

      Jaguar XK Junk Heap-jaguar-xke-brg-1-jpg 

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    Jaguar XK Junk Heap
    Did some painting of various bits with a Satin white. Everything gray save for the interior will be British Racing Green. I wish I could get it done faster but there is a great deal of touching up and sanding Jaguar XK Junk Heap to do on the parts that will be green and one other bit where the grill inlet is. I still haven't figured out exactly what I and doing there. Here's some shots. I'm off to other things for a bit, but happy to have gotten this far this week.

    The side will have number circles on the doors and one on the hood.
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2033-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2034-jpg

    I am doing black on the back end uprights and underside of the spoiler. I was going to do black rear and front spoilers but like the white better.
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2035-jpg

    That's it for a while.

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap

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    Jaguar XK Junk Heap
    I've made slow progress and there are still lots of refinements to do. I've painted my star 5 spoke wheels and put them back on the car. I made a fuel cap out of a plastic screw head cover and made a hinge for it that sits under the grommet top edge. I use grommets to hold the body in place as they fit snug on the mounts but I don't have to have the usual RC cotter pins showing. With the fuel cap I can flip it up to see and align it with the back body mount nubs, both of which are on a swinging brace to accommodate the slightly different mounting holes on my other bodies. I close it down and we're ready to roll.

    Other work included enlarging the holes where the side pipes emerge from two circular holes into on oval shaped hole. This allowed me to snug the pipes up a little tighter on the body and helped with clearance.

    I also made a new rear diffuser out of sheet aluminum. The chassis had one built into it and I thought it was rather cheesy looking so I cut it off. I will have to make similar diffusers for all my other bodies eventually and I do intend to scrap this chassis and build a better one. Again, not very sophisticated engineering, but I'm enjoying the learning process and hope the outcome will be presentable.

    The fuel cap (still needs some tweaking)
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2258-jpg

    The newly painted wheels.
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2260-jpg

    The new rear diffuser
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2281-jpg

    The side view w the new rear diffuser.
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2285-jpg

    The Jag w my previous (and not entirely finished) Vette build.
    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2287-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap

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    Jaguar XK Junk Heap
    I finally worked out what I wanted to do with the grill/intake and fabricated the pieces for it. I built a radiator of scrap aluminum rectangular tubing from the interior cross braces of an old double pane aluminum window I replaced. It got broken when I left if out for trash pick up so I cleaned up the mess and scavenged the braces. Some craft mesh for making masks was triple layered for the radiator core. The fans were fabricated from bolt caps with wire run through them to glue the blades in place. The outer shroud of the fan was made from a cross section of an old pill bottle. Shot it with black paint and attached it to the radiator which I painted silver before inserting the core. The rest was just a big piece of folded aluminum sheet and some oval tubes attached on the outside for engine air intakes. I am nearing the end of fabrication so I can start thinking about painting but will have to do a fair amount of sanding Jaguar XK Junk Heap .

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2335-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2336-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2344-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2484-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2486-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2487-jpg

    Jaguar XK Junk Heap
    Attached Images Attached Images Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_2287-jpg 
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