I know my XK Junk Heap is not much compared to some of the more refined work going on here, but I figure I'll pursue it to the end and learn what I can from you folks. Inspiration is helpful especially about now when I'm getting tired of waiting on this thing to be finished! Here's the latest.

Time for working on this has been very limited so I throw on some putty Jaguar XK Junk Heap for a few minutes and come back later in the day to sand Jaguar XK Junk Heap , then fill again as needed. I worked on bonding the aluminum top of the body to the plastic - It was already screwed into some plastic tabs I "welded" in as it were with MEK. I then removed the screws and used a reaming tool and hand truned the holes to counter sink some screws in. They still stick up a little but it's about as good as it is going to get. Then I went underneath and used a few pieces of fabric ice hockey tape which is light weight and I covered it with epoxy Jaguar XK Junk Heap more or less "fiber" reinforcing it. (Thanks to Two Kids No Sleep for that tip). I filled cracks, screw holes and sanded in the hopes I could primer Jaguar XK Junk Heap the thing, but the weather has been cold and wet and I have no heated space to paint. I also evened out the grill in front and evened out the back. I'm back with the original spoiler in back but with less pitch to it. It's just as well that the weather has been unsuitable as I've had some projects for my work to tackle and I really cannot get to absorbed in this thing right now much as I am having fun getting it to the point of painting. That will tell me a lot about places I need to fill and smooth again. I'm hoping the weather dries up and warms up enough to get a coat of primer Jaguar XK Junk Heap on it but that will depend on openings in my schedule coinciding with the weather. School starts up again next week and I have some busy weekends coming up too. Anyhow, here's some shots - slow progress this.

Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_1767-jpg

Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_1768-jpg

Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_1769-jpg

Jaguar XK Junk Heap-img_1770-jpg

Jaguar XK Junk Heap