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      as an absolute fan of the brand with star I could not pass up this model.

      It is a toy so the features are just full throttle stop and reverse, full left and full right. Horn, lights and a connection for an MP3 player. Doors, hood and rear seat can be opened. I want to convert it mobile. So install a steering servo and speed controller. a new 2.4GHz radio system, and of course he should also get a powerful battery (LiPo)

      of course, the body is also rebuilt, this horn on the sides should disappear, the seats will be covered with leather and diamonds to be repainted. I may want to incorporate functional fiddler.

      Mercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-67157-5-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-67157-6-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-67157-7-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-67157-8-jpg

      I have already opened it to see what was installed and how do I start the conversion.

      The steering servo
      Mercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-lenk01-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-lenk02-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-lenk03-jpg

      Rear axle, engine and transmission
      Mercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-mot01-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-mot02-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-mot03-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-mot05-jpg

      The Chinese have no trademark on the vehicle due to licensing issues. It is marketed as "Europe Star". I have already found a replacement for friendly MB dealer.
      Mercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-stern01-jpgMercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5-stern02-jpg
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  1. alright, nice car

  2. keramh's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    the reconstruction will begin soon.

    I bought a new 2.4GHz remote control, receiver and speed controller in the next few days.

    Yesterday I got red leather 0.5 mm for the interior0.
    So coming soon it is broken down, smoothed, sanded and repainted, new interior, built-in technology
    and already finished ;-( "already" ;-(

    Mercedes-Benz 540K scale 1:5
    the modelkit databank for the scale 1/16

  3. Dougritt's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    I love your previous work Marek, so I can't wait to see what you create with this one! Keep the posts coming!

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