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      I'm not in the same league as the builds I see and my moniker JunkGTZ reflects my practice of using discarded materials for my mods to RC bodies. I do this because I build on a limited budget out of choice. I got into RC cars through a gift from my wife of a toy class Nikko Flashback - a decent 1/8 scale vehicle for just kicking around my driveway with my kids. However, I am not one to leave things alone and decided to convert the car to an onroad sports racer about the size of an HPI Super RS4 (280 mm wheelbase) just in time for them to discontinue it. I've posted some of the bodies I came up with, but my current project is this 1/8 Monogram Corvette body. With a 280 mm wheelbase my car works out to be a little smaller than 1/8 which means changing the body or the chassis to fit. Since my other bodies are 280, I decided to shorten the body and re-envision the Vette calling it the Corvette GSR for Gran Sport Revival. The first shot is the body I bought as it was sent to me. The second is the body as it was first cut to fit the wheelbase. The third and subsequent are where things are at now with a nose intake, fixed headlights, hood vents, enlarged rear window, docked tail and IMSA style rear wheel vents. At this point I am just mocking this up and fitting and filing and hope to putty Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings up the seams and sand Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings and primer Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings soon. I'm still trying to decide whether to do side pipes, or side sills ala the C6R with a side exhaust. Since I build these bodies to run, it won't have the detail of a static model, and I try and keep the weight down and make it sturdy also. My inspirations are not only the Gran Sport, but the Pinninfarina Rondine Coupe, and the Guigiaro Moray.

      Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings

      Build Photos

      Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-corvette-body-jpg  Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-corvette-gsr-jpg  Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-corvette-gsr-overhead-4-jpg  Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-corvette-gsr-front-jpg  Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-corvette-gsr-rear-jpg 

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  1. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    In the last year I gathered some better components for a new chassis. The original was just a flat pan and had flexing issues and didn't handle particularly well since there was no camber adjustment in the suspension. I ended up getting the guts of a 2WD stadium truck for cheap and adapted them to an on-road application by adjusting the ride height down and moving the shock towers as well and then installing smaller shocks I had. An old friend of mine who is much more serious in the hoby than I am and competes sent me new electrics including a battery, receiver, speed control, servo and a brushless motor. All of that along with the new suspension went into a new tray style chassis which is much more rigid and held everything I needed quite well. Here's a shot to compare what I had before with the new chassis.

    The original flat chassis with Nikko components is on the left and the newly made tray chassis with the mix of offroad/onroad components is on the left.
    Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-img_2751-jpg

    The new chassis goes like a "bat out of hell" as we say and I've had quite a few fun drives with it. It handles so much better and the amount of power I can put down is way more than the original. Burnouts, donuts, drifting are all possible with this one, but "with great power comes great responsibility" and I was a little too zealous with a full throttle burst and crashed! Thankfully it did not crack the body but it did ding it up a bit.

    Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings-img_2754-jpg

    So my reason for posting is this was my first ever lacquer Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings paint job and I don't want to screw up the whole thing trying to repair it.
    I painted with Tamiya Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings lacquer Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings and clear coated it. I'd appreciate any advice on how to fix it. As I said, I don't want to repaint the whole thing. Just spot paint.

    My options are to touch up the blue or do the nose from the back edge of the headlights forward in a matte white similar to the hood scoop. The latter being the route I'll go if repairing the blue is too big of a job for my skills. Thanks for any advice you might have.

    Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings

  2. jbwelda's Avatar Member
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    Mar 2019
    Well, if I may offer my opinion, you will need to mask off the area to be repainted and those headlamp covers if they cannot be removed, then sand Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings the surface down flat, or at least feather edge sand Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings those nicks and get it smooth, then re-paint and re-clear.

    I think it is lucky you used Tamiya Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings , and that blue in particular, because I think the new paint will match well which it might not if the paint was more translucent.

    But that blue ought to cover fine.

    So mask, sand Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings , probably remove mask and redo it for the paint stage, paint color, paint clear...I would probably spray the clear about a half hour after the color and remove the masking Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings about an hour or maybe even just a half hour after the clear goes on.

    Oh and use Tamiya Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings masking Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings tape, it makes a big difference. Some other specialty tapes are fine, but don't use common Scotch masking Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings tape or anything like that, it will bleed and tear the edge almost for sure.

    Then after your paint has cured for a day or two you can use a polishing cloth kit to blend the surfaces together a bit though it doesnt look like it would be necessary if you use the hard lines like panel lines as your edge. But if you did get a bit of bleed-under from the tape you can polish that off at this stage.

    But then you will take it back out and race it again? i hear ya man, its what i did with slot cars. Take some pictures then put it on the track and all bets are off.

    hope that helps


  3. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    Thanks very much. That is quite helpful. I made it so things could be disassembled for repairs so the whole headlight assembly can come out and the grill is easily removed too. The flairs and spoilers and wing are all removable so I'll do a partial breakdown. I've used green frog tape to mask in the past and will try and score some Tamiya Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings tape because of the delicate nature of this repair. Sadly, the only full service hobby shop for about 75 miles just shut its doors so I'll look onlne. Thanks again JB.

    Corvette GSR Build - humble beginnings


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