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      Just another scratchbuilt project, sitting in the bed of a Tamiya Let's go camping Blackfoot body.

      It's all styrene Let's go camping , with Lexan windows, and the curtains are made from toilet paper

      Lots of detailing to come. Corner jacks, water/power hookups, some weathering Let's go camping , maybe a bike rack on the front bumper. I'm having fun with this!

      Build Photos

      Let's go camping-img_2327-jpg  Let's go camping-img_2330-jpg  Let's go camping-img_2326-jpg 

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    The camper is looking awesome! Very realistic. Now the pickup truck looks a little too good for the camper! I was looking at the photos for a while trying to figure out what it needed and it seems like the pickup needs more rust along the sides (pickups and vans of that vintage were famous for rusting all over the sides, they always looked like they got hit with a shotgun blast of rust), could also use some dents, although I don’t know how easy it would be to put those in if it’s one of those clear plastic bodies? All in all, this is a great project and the most fun I’ve had watching a model in a long time.

  2. I know it, I been catching all kinds of crap on the RC forums for having the truck too clean. But I like the fact that the camper mod is completely reversible. Other than one 1/8 hole in the grille and some Velcro on the bed, the body (hard plastic, by the way, it's an old Tamiya Let's go camping Blackfoot body, circa 1984) is unchanged. I made no changes to the base truck. So, if I choose, I can swap out the wheels, remove the spare and pop the camper off, and it goes back to being reasonably clean (except for a few scuffs).

    Sort of a 2-in-1 deal.
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

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