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      Here I go again. Mucking it up with my crudities amongst such exquisite builds!

      It looks kind of clunky now, but I am now in the process of mocking up what will hopefully be a shorter build than the last one. Experience and a little less complex (I hope) but even to get to this point has not been easy. In my case this is sort of a monocoque riding on another chassis and it has to function a bit like a supporting skeleton. I had a McAllistar Nissan GTP 90 body that I modified to be more like a Kremer K8 Porsche roadster. It worked pretty well on my old chassis but doesn't fit the new one and so I started in thinking what could I do to modify it further and more to my liking. I love this particular version of the 1970 Ferrari 512 S so I thought I'd give it a go since the body is not worth anything to anybody but me. I've gathered lots of images, including blue prints and such and went about mapping things and pondering how I will do it. The body will be a mix of the front portion of the polycarbonate body and fabricated out of various things for the remaining 2/3's. I'll have to paint the outer side of the poly body so that the finish will be even in texture and shine between the mixed materials and I really do not want to try and remove the paint underneath.

      Here's the aspiration and inspiration.
      Ferrari 512 S Analog-ferrari-512s-view-copy-jpg

      And a video that got me thinking what a cool machine this really is!

      Here's the original body from a while back.
      Ferrari 512 S Analog-101_4603-jpg

      Ferrari 512 S Analog-101_4604-jpg

      Now the perspiration as a result of the inspiration. Here's the mocked up monocoque chassis out of corrugated sign materials. The end of an event or political season results in a lot of free sign board. I might as well use it. The rocker rails are pvc molding. I had hoped to do the whole thing in folded aluminum sheet but it proved too flimsy and my ability to cut the thicker stuff is limited since I do not have access to either a band saw with metal blade or a water jet. It's just me an my hand tools. This will do until I discover better stuff.
      Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-chassis-1-jpg

      And the mocked up monocoque chassis on the actual chassis. Because of my battery mounting position, I might have to make it left hand drive which is not typical of this type of car but I'm not trying to be exact.
      Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-chassis-chassis-jpg

      Here are two shots of the mocked up body. Lots of cutting and replacing of the sides and figuring out how to make the rear clamshell into one piece of body work. In short, lots of work to do!
      Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-mock-1-jpg

      Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-mock-2-jpg

      I've done more work since these shots and am still figuring out a few things about materials and pieces I've gathered to do this. I end up building certain portions a couple of times until I am satisfied enough to move on. It's a lot of mocking things up, and standing back and looking at it for a few days or more and the back half of this one is already proving to be quite a challenge so I'll see where this goes.
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  1. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    Once again, I ask your indulgence for my crude little project!

    I finally cut away the center section of the body and started experimenting with materials as to what will work best for the body behind the front clamshell. My original vision was for it to be aluminum for everything but the rear fenders but styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog is so much easier to work with and so I will run with that...for now. The original rear fenders were spliced together pieces of RC plane wheel fairings/wheel pants. Great Planes makes styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog versions in two pieces and they come in a variety of sizes if you can still find them (they quit making this particular product a while ago.) Smaller versions made up the flares on my Jag project. The ones I found for this one are much larger - 11.5" long. I finally decided to yous to top side of the pieces because I don't want to have to fill seams and sand Ferrari 512 S Analog that much. The reinforcement and filler adds weight and I'm trying to keep that down as much as I can. I have to work one side and shape it and figure out where to cut to get the best shape. Once I figure out one side I can work the other. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

    I took shots along with my "blueprints" to give an idea of where I am going with this.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-mock-3-jpg

    My version might have slightly larger hips than the original.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-mock-5-jpg

    The door has the radiator intake slope as part of its shape so this is a mock up out of aluminum flashing to help me get and idea of size and fit. It will actually have to be 2 pieces to make the full shape and I will use thicker aluminum sheet or styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog for the complete piece.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-mock-6-jpg

    I would love to have wheels and tires closer to the original but will work with what I have. This back end will be rather complicated and I still haven't determined how I will join it all into one piece. That will come to me in time Lord willing.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-rc-ferrari-512-mock-7-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog

  2. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    Here I go again. Nothing to see here. Just some guy who got obsessed with trying to recreate a Ferrari 512 S body when his time might be better spent elsewhere.

    Fashioning the back end is surprisingly difficult in part because I'm approximating everything and my chassis is used for my other bodies so there are compromises. Ideally I should be using smaller front wheels and a slightly longer wheelbase so the challenge comes in making is still look nearly as sleek as the real thing - a sort of "Does this outfit make me look fat?" deal where a tweak here and there can still capture the right proportions visually even if they aren't exactly to scale. Another challenge is that the dash is really supposed to be further under the front windshield which in my case means splitting the front bulkhead so that is an engineering problem for the future to work out. My focus is to sort out the back end so here's the latest developments. The sides are now aluminum as planned and I will work on attaching the rear clamshell to them at sometime in the not too distant future. I traced the rear blueprint pic onto some opaque plastic sheet and that is very helpful because I can see contact points with the rear fenders and see where I might need to re-shape the bottom part of the fenders at the very back. The slope of the rear window actually ends just aft of the rear axle so I moved my temporary shell back a bit to see the proportions. So much tape holding this together. The green masking Ferrari 512 S Analog tape doesn't quite stick as well so I am using gaffers tape - a tape used in theatrical productions which has very good adhesion but leaves no residue. That's the black tape you see. I mocked up some of the rear winglets but and far from settled on how this will go because the real ones are pretty complex and sort of emerge out of the rear fenders in a more organic manner than I can currently produce. Here's the shots so far. i will be off for a bit as I have other things that need my attention, but I wanted to get as much of the rear sorted as possible while I have a moment or two.

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3078-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3082-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3080-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3080-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3081-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog

  3. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    Repurposing things is what seems to work for me - hence the moniker JunkGTZ since most of mine start as wrecks, discards, clearance, discontinued, or things not worth much to anybody. It certainly keeps the cost down for me. I do not have the skills or tools to scratch build Ferrari 512 S Analog at the level of the static model threads (but they do inspire me) but I enjoy the building process, especially because I'm largely improvising to accomplish what I see in my head and my drawings. I'm never sure about how I will pull these builds off and I learn - especially from the failures.

    Here's the latest. Still rough fitting, but refining as I go and getting closer to fleshed out. The rear clamshell will be all styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog with an aluminum sheet underneath to tie it all together. Screws into the sheet and then glueing all the seams of the styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog pieces and filling them. The rear canopy will be styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog too but aluminum flashing is in it's place at the moment. It cuts and shapes easily and can serve as a template for the styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog . This is turning out to be a bit more complicated than planned, but I am happy with the progress. I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead, and then the start of school and will have to lay off a bit and wait until later in February or March to do much.

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3085-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3086-jpg

    The rear plate is cut but needs lots of refinement and a few more things added to it.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3087-jpg

    The proportions are starting to get closer to looking right. I will thin the monocoque sills by 1/8" and the side panel by the same amount to visually lengthen things a little. It's a little heavy looking in the mid section from a side view.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3088-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog

  4. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    I had a bit of a challenge fleshing out details on the rear spoiler because all my shots and drawings don't really show that in the best detail so I went to Youtube and found a number of shots in frames of paddock videos from this past year's Monza Historics and I paused and grabbed screen shots of some of the details I needed to render the rear spoiler and flaps and then went to work. It was hit or miss but I think I got something very workable.

    The real deal
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-ferrari-512s-rear-view-jpg

    My mock ups.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3117-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3116-jpg

    I'm at the point where I have to clean my table up so I can use my measurement map and rework the structure that serves as the backbone of the body. I am going to remake it for a final version that will allow me to more accurately proportion and size things. I need to narrow it slightly and lower the bulkheads slightly and workout the front bulkhead clearance issue with the battery. The table is a mess right now so I'll have to grab and evening and clean up rather than build anymore.

    This is a double post. Didn't get to the table yet but will soon.

    Worked on the rear clamshell a little more today. I added the bottom to the very back. I have no smaller model or photos of that part to go on so I am just making something that works with the chassis I built. I also started gluing Ferrari 512 S Analog a few things in place because it's time to move on from green tape. I cut the radiator exit vents and the real car they are louvered but I am not sure if I will do that. I can certainly do a screen piece by cutting a negative of the hole and pressing it into the hole with the screen but I might try a louvered cover on it. I just have to figure out how to make it.

    The rear vents aft of the canopy are smaller than on the real car because I have a mounting brace for the rear part of the body. Compromises have to be made to fit and existing chassis.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3119-jpg

    It's slowly taking shape.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3120-jpg

    An overhead view. Most of my work ahead will be the middle section - doors and sides too will all need adjustments once I make some changes underneath.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3121-jpg

    The rear clamshell from the underside. I still have some of the aluminum sheet in there, but hope to replace it with styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog . Once the body is finished, only the mid- section (doors, sides, and roll bar arch) will be aluminum.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3122-jpg

    I'm at the point in this build where I know this can be done and it will come out pretty well, but it is also the point where the tediousness of the work is kicking in. There are so many things left to do just with fitting and fixing parts in a more permanent manner let alone the paint prep. Many people on this site do much more complex work than mine and I am curious as to how far into the process it happens to any of you, assuming it happens to nearly everyone given the number of unfinished build threads. I'm guessing the ones who complete a project are ones who do not like unfinished business and press on.

    Ferrari 512 S Analog

  5. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    The elves were busy. Built a new skeleton underneath out of black corrugated plastic with some styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog reinforcements because the screws used to hold some of the parts together will not hold well enough without it. It more or less serves as a laminate to stiffen the pieces. I also narrowed it a bit to capture a little more of the stance of the real car which tends to look like the rear tires are just a little too wide - very aggressive. I also lowered the sides by 1/8" and will adjust the doors accordingly. I continued working on the back clamshell and tried my hand at making the back window and intake section out of styrene Ferrari 512 S Analog . It turned out better than expected, but there is still more work to be done. I also put in the backing where the rear lights will go. It is impossible for me to make this exactly to scale dimensions of the real car without building a separate chassis and I am not going to do that, so compromises have to come here and there, but I am pleased it is capturing some of the overall shape and stance of the real car. I will paint the skeleton all black and then finalize it gluing Ferrari 512 S Analog the pieces together with epoxy Ferrari 512 S Analog and making sure it is square. That has proved to be one of the single biggest challenges - getting both sides exactly even - in part because the wheel pants used for the back fenders are not perfectly even. We'll make it work!

    Frontward overhead view.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3131-jpg

    The new window and intake vents.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3132-jpg

    The light slots with their backing.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3133-jpg

    Rearward overhead view.
    Ferrari 512 S Analog-img_3134-jpg

    Ferrari 512 S Analog

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