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      Here I go again. Mucking it up with my crudities amongst such exquisite builds!

      It looks kind of clunky now, but I am now in the process of mocking up what will hopefully be a shorter build than the last one. Experience and a little less complex (I hope) but even to get to this point has not been easy. In my case this is sort of a monocoque riding on another chassis and it has to function a bit like a supporting skeleton. I had a McAllistar Nissan GTP 90 body that I modified to be more like a Kremer K8 Porsche roadster. It worked pretty well on my old chassis but doesn't fit the new one and so I started in thinking what could I do to modify it further and more to my liking. I love this particular version of the 1970 Ferrari 512 S so I thought I'd give it a go since the body is not worth anything to anybody but me. I've gathered lots of images, including blue prints and such and went about mapping things and pondering how I will do it. The body will be a mix of the front portion of the polycarbonate body and fabricated out of various things for the remaining 2/3's. I'll have to paint the outer side of the poly body so that the finish will be even in texture and shine between the mixed materials and I really do not want to try and remove the paint underneath.

      Here's the aspiration and inspiration.

      And a video that got me thinking what a cool machine this really is!

      Here's the original body from a while back.

      Now the perspiration as a result of the inspiration. Here's the mocked up monocoque chassis out of corrugated sign materials. The end of an event or political season results in a lot of free sign board. I might as well use it. The rocker rails are pvc molding. I had hoped to do the whole thing in folded aluminum sheet but it proved too flimsy and my ability to cut the thicker stuff is limited since I do not have access to either a band saw with metal blade or a water jet. It's just me an my hand tools. This will do until I discover better stuff.

      And the mocked up monocoque chassis on the actual chassis. Because of my battery mounting position, I might have to make it left hand drive which is not typical of this type of car but I'm not trying to be exact.

      Here are two shots of the mocked up body. Lots of cutting and replacing of the sides and figuring out how to make the rear clamshell into one piece of body work. In short, lots of work to do!

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