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      After taking the summer off, I decided to get active again now that the snow's coming down. I've almost run out of things to build, so this time it's going to be an extreme-performance rig, with (of course) a heavy emphasis on scale appearance.

      So what's an extrme performance rig? Think King of the Hammers or Top Truck Challenge. Lots of tube work, big tires, big power, built tough cause this thing is gonna get seven kinds of **** beat out of it.

      I started by ordering an Axial Honcho kit with a few upgrade parts, then went scrounging through the Hall of Derelicts for the parts to complete the build.

      The kit hasn't got here yet, so I figured I'd get busy with the body. I found an old Blackfoot body (old like 1984 vintage) and got out the old Dremel Back at it! With another truggy .

      No love for the vintage parts here! Made a couple pie cuts in the hood and pinched the nose.

      Cut the chrome headlights out, and added lenses and buckets from the Tamiya Back at it! With another truggy Wrangler kit. These will light up.

      An old set of beadlock slot mags get some brake drums (Monster big-can caps) and blued discs (old Pro-Line buggy wheels). I've got some Big Deuce backing plates that I'll add to the rear axle. I'd like to add calipers to the front, but they'd probably break off.

      You can also see one of the wedges I took out of the hood, at the top of the pic.

      Started on the interior. Trying to keep it simple and strong, so the floorpan is all one piece, heated and bent. The bench seat will cover the transmission.

      Dashboard with 3D gauges

      Driver and passenger figures. They look like they don't get along....

      Rear cab wall and window

      Did I mention big tires? Pro-Line's new Super Swampers are officially licensed, exact replicas, and they stick like chewing gum to the cat.

      Not much more I can do now til the rest of the parts get here. The interior is screwed to the cab in six places, so it should be nice and strong. Lots of tube will protect it; I picked up 40 feet of brake line and a fresh cylinder of MAPP gas.

      Stay tuned!
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  1. Old Busted Hotness's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    A few more tweaks:

    Moved the lights to a folding light bar above the cage...

    A little work on the dent, and 3D bullet holes...

    Quicky 3D engine :D

    Tow strap, fish hook, land anchor

    And the mandatory flex shot. Yes, I know the floor is a mess.
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

  2. Brizio's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Looks very good. The weathering Back at it! With another truggy -rust-dirt details looks real!

  3. grampasgarage's Avatar Member
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    Im gonna make my honcho like this dont wrry i wont copy completly

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