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      A different model which I have built this summer.
      I hope this project will fit on Scale Motor Cars.

      In internet I've found an interesting page about High-wheel found.
      With the kind permission from the owner of, all original pictures from the High wheel, I'll use in my building report from this page.

      This cycle it should be.

      We start with the two wheels.

      The original front wheel:

      And the original rear wheel:

      The rim:

      First I turned the two rims of brass.

      Suitable O-rings on the tires I've also picked out already.

      The 72 long and 24 short spokes are made of 0.5 mm wire.

      For drilling holes in the spokes of the wheel, I've rebuilt a helpful device.

      On the auxiliary device I glued one Template Without, I have to keep turning the wheel only to the next line to always get the correct hole spacing.

      With the small wheels, I am treated similarly.

      And it checks out the results.

      Next, the hub is your turn. Until now I've crossed the parts turned in a first on the right outside diameter, and glued a template center the position for the holes.

      Now I put the hub ready.

      First I drilled 0.5 mm holes in the hub.

      Then the parts were ready for the cast hub turned and stabbed.

      And the parts for the smal.

      The tube I have also been rotated.

      And on it goes.

      First, I rounded the rim inside. (With a little sandpaper and milling arbor)
      Not to polish off the rim, I've inserted into my 3in1 device, so I hold the wheel at

      Next, I cut new spokes made of brass, so I may as well be black stain as I did with the wheels and the axle into the hub. The rest of the brass parts of the hub remain so.
      Now I have inserted the device into my rim and the hub is screwed in the middle.
      Now I could pull one after another spoke through the rim and stick into the hub.

      The small wheel:

      The great wheel:

      When the glue has dried, I can take out the finished wheels.

      The spokes I've also fixed to the rim with 2-component adhesives.

      Now I must only file off the protruding spokes, then I can put even the O-rings.

      After I had removed the excess glue residue in the spokes and the rim with a file, I was able to pull the O-rings. In my example, the true also of solid rubber tires.

      Next, I deal with the front wheel fork.

      As first time a few pictures of the original parts that I rebuild now.
      The following two images show the upper part of the hub:

      The following figure shows a portion of the brake (bearing and spring):

      And protection of the pants, which is intended to prevent the steering when the pants of the rider touches the tire:

      Now for my components.
      First of a few views of my fork made of brass.

      First I turned the part and then just pure milled with a 5mm cutter by both sides up to half a groove. The two webs between the forks must now be removed. I had to leave the stability of form during milling.

      And finally a couple of items made of brass (some of the brake, the protective pants, etc.)

      First I milled the top of the fork.

      Then I started file the lower part.

      Now I was able to remove the webs and file down the fork inside and outside finish.

      Finally, I bent the two prongs outward.

      Today I pressed the bushing above the bracket for the steering rod is soldered. In addition, the assembly was bolted consisting of trousers protection, bearings for the brake and the spring for the brake from the bottom.

      So, next is the axle to the fork in the series.
      In the original, it looks like this:

      The parts I've ever prepared.

      These items have now been soldered.

      Has purely fit then I have the tubes on the fork so far been filed until the bearing accuracy.

      And now the whole thing was screwed to the wheel.

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  1. BrassBuilder's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    WOW! This looks like a fun project! Your work is fantastic.

    My website:

    Feel free to look around. I have all of my projects on the website.

  2. MODEL A MODEL's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Feb 2017

    A very elegant model!!
    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

  3. belugawhaleman's Avatar Member
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    Oct 2013
    Outstanding! A beautiful model of an interesting subject. Well done!

  4. markus68's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Nov 2011
    Great model. Congraulations!


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