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      Hi guys,

      I've been wanting to buy a milling machine for a while now. It's a little hard to come up with the dollars, but the machines I've been looking at (the imports) are up $200.00 since I've been looking. Let me figure this out. Sales are down because of the ecomomy, so the price goes up. Must have slept through the supply and demand part of my basic business course.

      In anycase I'm about to take the plunge and Micro-Mark has this machine on sale for $399.00.

      MicroLux Micro Milling Machine

      Does anyone have experience with this machine, or an opinion? I don't see myself doing any serious work in steal, so maybe. I'll give any thougths you have a lot of weignt.


      BTW For anyone who hasn't taken the advice from this forum. I got my copy of 'Tabletop Machiining' by Joe Martin today. What a surprise. I was expecting a thin book on light paper, not 350 pages of glossy, heavy paper. I've got some reading to do.
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    There is also the American made TAIG [sold as Peatol [spl?] in England]. I have their mill and lathe, and am pleased so far. Sherline is slicker, but smaller and more expensive. Joe Martins book is well worth the money, however, and some of the Sherline's accessories can be use on the TAIG.

  2. Mr.Tin's Avatar Established Member
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    I have used a Peatol lathe (Taig) for years and am delighted with it. I used to be a professional modelmaker and went through many different makes. The Taig is so inexpensive, but very well made. Their mill looks nice, but MUCH more expensive. Beyond me I'm afraid.
    I try to avoid Chinese stuff where possible. I did get an Indian made Burnerd type chuck for it which is a superb bit of kit for 70.

    A man needs a plan...and a shed

  3. Bugatti Fan's Avatar Active Member
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    In my last post I forgot to mention a miniature lathe made to tool room standards here in the UK.
    It is made by a company named Cowells. Considered to be the Rolls Royce of miniature model making lathes and reflected in the price!
    They come up rarely second hand. Too pricey for me so I bought a Unimat 4. The manufacture of the Unimat has been outsourced to Taiwan from the Unimat 4 model onwards.
    Whilst talking of miniature lathes there are a number of dedicated watchmakers lathes that come on to the market from time to time.
    Look at the UK site, Penny Farthing Machines where you can look at watchmakers machines and other miniature machines.

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