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      Just completed this set of scale wheels for the GN cycle car from England for my friend Steve Betney who is building the model , these are 40 spokes per wheel, lots of time on these guys , the way I lace and the spokes I use presented a challenge to lace them, took a while to wok it out but turned out well in the end. Chris

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      GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-gn1-jpg GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-img_3502-jpg GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-img_3503-jpg GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-img_3504-jpg GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-img_3505-jpg GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-img_3357-jpg GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each-img_3507-jpg 

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  1. southpier's Avatar Active Member
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    ALL of these wheel building threads are fairly fantastic. is there one which shows the step x step process? thanks

  2. woodythx138's Avatar Active Member
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    Well in short I have never really had the time to do a step by step tutorial , after a year of trial an erer in the begining it took a while to get things dialed in. Really it is all basic machining with a little inginuity mixed in. Each wheel design is differant from the last , all require special jigs and fixtures and then you have to figure out the lacing sequence after you polish all the parts, then each style wheel gets a lacing fixture made and so on. It's very time consuming but the end results are most rewarding. Many have tried and most give up because it's very taxing on the mind and when you make a mistake it's depressing. I do not use a continuous wire like most use, instead make spokes or use straight pins, some are silver soldered and other epoxied. Some day when time permits I will do a start to finish build of a basic wire wheel. Chris

    GN cycle car scale wheels 40 spokes each
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  3. southpier's Avatar Active Member
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    thank you for the time to reply. the tutorial would be appreciated given it doesn't take away from your modeling time.

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