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      Can anyone help me with the instructions manual of the Tamiya Help needed kit of the BMW R 90 S?

      It's a vintage 1/6 scale kit....

      Thanks much....

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  1. Tage's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Jun 2008
    How are you doing down there Mario, I assume it is still a mess.
    We would like to hear of your experiences if it is not to painful.

  2. 3.Star's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
    Michael J.
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    Feb 2009
    Hello Mario, I'm so happy that the earthquake didn't shatter THE Shadow.
    For the BMW instruction have a look at:BMW R90S (Model Car) Tamiya 1/6 Big Scale Motorcycle|No.8

    Hope that helps


  3. Mario Lucchini's Avatar Super Moderator
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    Oct 2006
    I want to thank all the boys for their concern about my whereabouts after the earthquake...

    It wasn't a pleasant experience at all, though we are supposed to live in a seismic country, anybody is prepared for a 9 Richter force movement as the one we had here on the morning of February 27...

    Besides, it lasted a full 3.5 minutes, which in those circumstances seems an eternity....

    Luckily, my family and I didn't suffer any losses, injuries or structural failures on both my houses, here in Santiago and on the beach....

    However, down South, the situation was of extreme gravity, adding some sunamis to the quake destruction...

    Life losses, dissapeared people, buildings, houses, hospitals, etc, completely destroyed...

    Optimistic calculations are a 5 year span for reconstruction and a cost of over US $

    We are still having aftershocks, many a day and they will last some 3 more months according to experts, imagine the paranoia this adds to people....we are certainly having a hell of a time...

    Me and my 2 sons have been very busy taking food, medicines, and basic stuff to people near Santiago who have lost everything, their houses, jobs and money...

    This whole situation has increased my sensitivity, when I see that your life can completely change in the matter of minutes....

    Thanks again boys for your concern and lets keep modeling....

    Thanks a lot Michael, those instructions will spare me a lot of time....

    Keep an eye on a Pocher Bugatti build coming along...

    Cheers to all..................


  4. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    Hey Mario. i'm really glad to see you back on the site. It's very true that natural disasters can really put a heck of a crimp in your life. Like I've said before, I went through Hurricane Andrew which they finally classified as a category 5 storm. Going through it is bad enough but when you see the damage up close and personal, it kind of makes you feel very small in a really large scale world. On top of that, every time the wind blows or a wave shows up or the ground shakes, the pucker factor goes up exponentially. It's like you're hypersensitive to those things. In any case, the most important thing is that you guys are o.k.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

  5. Herman's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    Good to have you back. Fortunately I do not live in a seismic country, although we sometimes have very mild shocks due to the extraction of natural gas from the earth, but nothing spectacular. Most dramatic moment I have witnessed is the old clock of my grandfather falling still due to a shock....

    OK, I have to admit, I live at a place some 20 feet below sea level, but we have quite some experience and a special service controlling water levels, dyke reinforcements, escape plans, etc etc etc. Did you know we reinforce our shore line with millions of tons of sand Help needed each year?

    To have you build a Pocher Bugatti is good news. Go for it!

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