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      I am working on making a replica of a custom 1973 Harley FX 1200 that I owned a long time ago. She was my first street bike. Many of you may notice that I have a want ad for this bike listed here on SMC. I have gotten one kit (thanks Peter) but I am interested in trying to find more. I could still use a few parts for this build as the kit does not have everything I need. I am most familiar with 1/24th-1/25th scale. To me, this model is HUGE. One good thing about this project, when working in the smaller scale and things didn't come together or go as planned I would put it back in the box and back on the shelf to work on something else. With this kit, I have broken down the assembly into different "models" and if something is not going well, I work on a different section. Photo 1 shows the fabricated highway peg and shifter brackets. I had to plug the electric starter hole in the primary case as my bike was kick start only. In photo 2, the tranny is finished/painted. There is a spring in the cover so the clutch arm will return. I plan to be able to pull the clutch lever in. The shifter is also able to move. Photo 3 is the over head oil lines and oil pump. Photo 4 is the sissy bar. I posted a tutorial on " making 2 identical parts" showing how I made the side plates for it. Photo 5 is an old pic of the 1 to 1 Model Sunday scale bike and one of the few I have to go by. Questions and comments welcome.

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  1. Hi james! Just saw your post here - I haven't visited the site for a while. Great work as usual and keep posting your progress here. It's so inspiring. If you are still looking for Tamiya Model Sunday 1/6 bikes let me know as the wife is always pressuring me to sell! Take care, Peter

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    If there are specific parts missing that you need I have the kit and might be able to cast a replacement barring experience vs difficulty. I also have a bunch of pics taken of the '77 FLH 1200 that I owned for 21 years and just recently sold for reference.A lot of the components and assemblies were fairly common to the different models of H-D back then. If I can help let me know,Ted.

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