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      Well, I decided to end the Allison build up thread and start a new thread for this trike buildup. I figured this would be the best thing to do because I will be working on all the mechanical parts at the same time.

      My plan here is to build a trike that is constructed completely of parts from TDR Allison Powered Trike Innovations. The engine, tranny, 11 inch rear, and tires/wheels are all available now at "". If any new parts are created that might be of use to others I will upload them to the catalog too.

      The basic theme for this build is to build a trike that uses as many P51 Mustang parts as possible. The Allison is a given but I will also try and use the P51 landing gear struts as the front forks and I want to find a way to work in a small belley tank or two. Maybe in the form of fenders. I also plan on using some cockpit items too. The stick to steer with and the seat are very likely items. I also want to use some of the front fuselage skin too, as a front fairing and certainly the front propeller spinner.

      If I can find a way to work the nose of the plane into the fairing I have got to come up with some nose art too. Maybe something like a biker chick striking a clasic noseart pose with the words "Surplus Sally" underneath. kids took my crayon and wont give them back!! Maybe I could get you to draw something up?????:)'

      All the parts finished out well. I kept the heads and cylinder sleeves a little on the rough side to increase the realism some, and keep with the "Rat Rod" look too. I am really impressed with the details that came out in the heads, they really have a lot of features in them. I finished out the oilpan and valvecovers to a high degree. I wanted these three items to shine a lot.

      Oh, Dan, if ever there was an engine that screemed for a hardware accessory kit, it is this one!! Just working on the heads, VC, OP and cylinders I used 188 bolts!!!!! That does not even include the intake and exhaust bolts!!!!

      Anyway, I have some parts finished out and I thought I would include them here because the pictures say it better than I can with words.

      Build Photos

      Allison Powered Trike-100_2185-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2186-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2187-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2188-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2189-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2190-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2191-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2192-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2193-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2194-jpg  Allison Powered Trike-100_2195-jpg 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Busted Hotness View Post
    Shouldn't those bolts be safety-wired? Get on it.

    I will as soon as you build me those 1/8th scale safty wire pliers.....:)'
    Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick it once and you will suck forever.....!!!

  2. shadetree's Avatar Active Member
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    NIce work on the engine, Some great tips there for any build. How is the frame for this beast coming? What are you using for a drivetrain, Jag, Ford, Dana?

  3. Mas's Avatar Active Member
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    Yea this will be a museum piece, just the engine will be one nice piece of art when its ready to put into the frame I'm sure.
    It makes me timid to show any of the petty projects I'm working on. LOL
    Thanks for listening,



  4. shadetree's Avatar Active Member
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    Any progress. Would still like to see the frame for this thing.
    Last edited by shadetree; 06-09-12 at 11:15 AM.

  5. shadetree's Avatar Active Member
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    Any progress on this thing, was really looking good.

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