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      I`m looking for a Monogram King Chopper.I saw one on ebay a short while back,and just missed it.....fell asleep before the auction ended.Anyway,if anybody can help me out,i would greatly appreciate any help or leads.

      Mark A....Toms River,NJ
      May All Your Encounters With the Law Start With the Words "Nice Harley" !
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  1. Herman's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Cannot help you with the chopper, but consider using a service like Auctionsniper. They will place your highest bid at 7 seconds before end of auction, with you sleeping, travelling or anything else. You can never forget about the auction. This saved me hours of sleep, and lots of money.

    Click the link and create an account, using the same credentials as you use on Ebay. If you see anything you like, log into your Auctionsniper account, fill in the auction number and max bid, and confirm. That's it. First 3 succesful snipes are free, after that only sucessful snipes cost you a small fee.


  2. Dr Dave's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Hi Mark.
    I also cannot help with the chopper, but I have just started using an auction sniper and it works well for me. There are lots of sniper sites so do a bit of checking before you sign up.
    Do you check other ebay sites? After my local one I also check US, Canada and UK. Sometimes it seems like the thing you're chasing never seems to appear, then unexpectedly there will be 2 or 3 in a week.
    Be patient, and Good luck.

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