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      I saw this on eBay where the fellow tell how nice the model once look pretty nice.. Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?

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  1. Lancair IV's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Looks like the rear wheel is on backwards. The chain is on the wrong side!!!
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  2. xken's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    It's the pink carpet! Pink just is not right for a biker.

  3. Harleybuilder's Avatar Active Member
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    Apr 2006
    The case of the primary is mounted wrong (back to front)

    What a nice bike (for the slaughter)
    Chrome won`t bring you home ;)

  4. Mas's Avatar Active Member
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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Harleybuilder View Post
    The case of the primary is mounted wrong (back to front)

    What a nice bike (for the slaughter)
    LOL, you all are a little bit right, well I mean, "XKEN" is right cause I mean, Pink Carpet to park your scooter on,, I mean there is just sumpen wrong with that to start with, LOL but "Lancair IV" is sorta right too if ya look at other makes of bikes. Most of the Harley 74 & 45 models were both built with the primary and the drive chains were both on the left side. You can build any number of Harley after market bikes that have a trannys that have the drive on the right side ya just never know now-a-days. But I'm afraid that HarleyBuilder has hit the nail on the head, I mean it is hard to miss if you have ever done any building or as when I first got into scooters, I mean like when I was just a kid, I did a lot of the "hang-around" thing back then, just so's I could clean the parts ya know..

    Anyway, I saw this one and thought that it might be a nice one to get for parts but I don't have the main bunch of parts that I was supposed to have got in the mail from one of the "board regulars" so I could build a Pan-Head for a contest at the end of February here in my town.. Oh Well,, I think thats out of the question now see'ens how I haven't received any of the Pan-Head motors that I paid for back in November. I'm telling ya, I thought this guy was a real cool guy at first but now this.. :( If he doesn't come through soon I'm going to plaster his handle and all the email and forum addresses that he has all over the sites so peeps won't get ripped off like I did ya know....

    So thanks for taking time to check out my post fella'z, Muchly appreciated
    Thanks for listening,



  5. protarguy's Avatar Active Member
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    One addition:
    The front tire should be one piece not three!

    This is an old Revell Can You tell what is wrong in this ebay auction? "Rough Rider" in 1/12 scale from the 70ties.
    There was also a "Chain Gang Chopper" with a coffin like tank and some trikes
    with the same Harley engine. Quite simple kits but good looking as a finished model.
    The fork has no dampers or so. It should depict a fork made out of spring loaded steel
    so it should absorb road shocks by bending...

    The box art of the kit showed a 1/8 Revell Can You tell what is wrong in this ebay auction? Harley Chopper and not the 1/12 model.


  6. krow113's Avatar Active Member
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    Nov 2010
    The chain is on the proper side for a big twin.Sportsters are all right side drive .The primary chain case is on back to front . These kits are fairly accurate engine/tranny wise. This model could easily be fixed.

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