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      Many years ago I purchased a kit for the Protar Freccia Celeste with the intention of building after my retirement. Retirement came and I got involved in a lot of activities and my modeling went into live steam and R/C projects and the Celeste rested in my attic. Then we decided to downsize and there went my shop and with it all my "future" projects. The place we moved in has a wood shop and slowly I started to rebuild my modeling projects. Mostly have done static model ships but somehow the Celeste keep coming back in my mind. So I decided to check for it and finally found a kit for sale in the UK. I had to pay almost 10 times what the original kit cost me 30 years ago. But now I am ready.

      I am now giving the final touches to my last project: a sailing ship, and I am ready to get started with the Celeste. The photo shows the box as I received it. It was crushed and part of the kit has been opened which makes me believe the guy that owned got discouraged with difficulty of assembling this kit.

      I will be taking pictures of my progress. Thanking you all in advance for the welcoming reception.


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      Protar Freccia Celeste 350cc-img_6382-jpg 

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