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      Hi guys I've been gone for awhile but I finally found my way back. I have a new project in mind and I need some information on an old one. I built a 1/8 32 Deuce called the Bat Rod a few years back unfortunately it was lost in a flood. My problem is I now have one of the new Adam West Batman kits if I still had my Bat Rod the combination would be perfect. I do have a 1/8 scale chopper in my stash though so I have something else in mind a Bat Chopper. I got some help with the Bat Rod from another member of the forum that sent me some 1/8 scale 1966 Batmobile parts and decals. I was hoping that if he is still a member he would be able to help me with some decals and parts again but I don't remember his name. If he is still a member or someone knows who I'm talking about please let me know. Here is a picture of what I'm thinking about doing with the chopper.

      1/8 Bat Chopper Project-batcycle_02-jpg
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