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      Build in Progress

      Havn't started the model yet but additional 3d printed parts are well underway where either the detail is incorrect/missing on the model or an improvement was felt necessary. From top to bottom, Air filter sub assembly, relay and relay socket, oil filter , Transfers reprinted on self adhesive vinyl sheet, various plugs and sockets, oil filter again, exhaust springs, detail of multi pin plug skt, and finally banjo connectors, butterfly valves and other bits and bobs.
      If any body is building one of these models and would be interesred in any of the 3d parts please contact me through Scale Motorcars.

      Pocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1499-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1493-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1477-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1500-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1495-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1479-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1475-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1498-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1489-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1476-jpg

      Just received my Pocher Ducati Panegali and what a superb kit. Very Very large box, and an enormous range of parts ,materials and fixings. I also purchased Paul Koos video and his detail fixings pack. A in depth look at this DVD has high lighted some Kit shortcomings and some omitted detail parts.
      Many of these can be scratch built Pocher Ducati Panegali 1299s or as in my case 3D printed. Drawings have been done and I am waiting on the parts from shapeways. Nothing to exotic, mostly plugs and sockets, carb butterfly valves and exhaust sensors. Also drawn a new oil filter as the model part lacks a considerable amount of details,
      The attached photos show the box and contents. A good tip for making up the wiring looms is to use a self adhesive paper which had me stumped for a bit. Then I had to have a blood sample taken and low and behold the nurse was using just the thing. It goes under the trade name of SCANPOR skin friendly microporus tape, 1.25cm x 5mtr roll. Just the job when applied and painted black.

      .Pocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1417-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1416-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1415-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1414-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1413-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1412-jpg

      Assembley now underway and engine almost complete. Most noticeable missing kit parts were the fuse holders above the battery and oil pressure switch. Also added were the exhaust valve and oxygen sensors. The air filter can now be seen fitted and the exhaust valve Bowden cable can be seen exiting from the servo control unit.

      Pocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1526-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1535-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1522-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1530-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1527-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1537-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1524-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1533-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1528-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1539-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1525-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1534-jpgPocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1523-jpg
      operating cable.

      Build Photos

      Pocher Ducati Panegali 1299s-dscn1529-jpg 

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