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      G'day everyone. I've managed to steal some time to get back on here again after a long break, and build (i guess that should be rebuild) a model.
      I recently decided to rebuild the old Ducati that I originally built over 25 years ago. After purchasing a new kit of the same bike to replace what had become a messy dust ball, I thought I would do a slightly customized bike with the old one. It started life as the Tamiya 'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild. 1/12 MHR, a very nice little kit.
      I started by striping it down as far as i could and then removing all the old paint and chrome (and dust) in a caustic solution. The full fairing was not going back on so it was left in its original state and put in the box.

      Build Photos

      'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-1-12-mike-hailwood-replica-ducati-1000-001-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-1-12-mike-hailwood-replica-ducati-1000-005-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-1-12-mike-hailwood-replica-ducati-1000-038-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-striping-037-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-striping-038-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-striping-045-jpg 

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  1. Dr Dave's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Nov 2006
    So close to finishing now. I sprayed the metallic 'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild. silver and clear early in the build so it had time to harden before I had to handle it. The tank is being glued in place but the tail will be removable to expose the detail that would otherwise be hidden. I've put on battery cables and other wires in and out of the fuse box. I changed the front brake lines from all vinyl tube to 1/2 vinyl tube and 1/2 stainless wire. That's better, that's what the real ones look like. The plastic mirror bracket was replaced with stainless wire also.

    Have you noticed how it seems to take ages to get all the sub-assemblies prepared but not long for those sub-assemblies to be combined to finish the project? And it really does pay off to test fit everything before gluing 'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild. , if I hadn't I could have been caught out more than once thinking parts would fit together o k when actually they didn't.

    A few little fiddly bits of photo etch were added at different stages throughout the build like the clips on the sides of the tail, some bolt heads and hose clamps, and with the extra wiring and chain kit it was quite an enjoyable challenge to complete this rebuild.

    Oh, look at that! Holly molly! It's finished all ready Rather a quick one for me, completed in 7 weeks. Usually takes me much longer to build a model, but I did rush this one through to get it done in time for a show in Brisbane; QMHE 2010 (Queensland Model Hobbies Expo) was held on the weekend of 20/21 August. Great show.

    I hope all you guys enjoyed my rebuild.
    I had better go and do a few things now in preparation for my daughters wedding this Saturday (2nd Oct).
    Cheers folks,
    Attached Images Attached Images 'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-tail-finished-gloss-001-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-tank-finished-gloss-001-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-body-test-005-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-023-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-029-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-036-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-034-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-037-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-042-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-043-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-finished-040-jpg  'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild.-1-12-mike-hailwood-replica-ducati-1000-005-jpg 

  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    Another incredible example of "If you didn't say it was a model, I would never have known". A first rate build. I love that chain you put on.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

  3. Lutz-Bikes's Avatar Active Member
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    Jul 2010

    Clean and Great build. I like those Old Style Cafe Racer very much.
    Cheers Lutz

  4. shadetree's Avatar Active Member
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    Oct 2006
    Looks great. All that work really pays off. The chain is looking good and the engine is wonderful.
    The color scheme is spot on. I think that fender makes it work.
    Last edited by shadetree; 10-27-10 at 11:02 AM.

  5. Dr Dave's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Nov 2006
    Thankyou very much to all for the replies and the great comments, and thanks for checking out my bike build. Credit goes to my son Jake for his idea of the Italian Flag front fender, I do enjoy his input during my builds.

    I have a new kit of the MHR to replace this rebuilt one and I recently purchased the NCR Racer which will be built up as one of the original Mike Hailwood racers using the old fairing. I have only found a few photos of #12 and #14, and there are some differences between the two. I am thinking of going with #12 as he won races on it in '78 but #14 let him down in '79. I made a start on the black & gold 900SS after finishing the TY 125 but put it away for a while. Maybe if I did Casey Stoner's and Troy Baylis's bikes I could do a Ducati museum diorama.

    At the moment I've just started working on another rebuild and I'll start a thread in 'off topic' for it soon, so keep a lookout for a B61 Mack road train.

    Happy modeling and stay safe.

  6. krow113's Avatar Active Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2010
    Nice work on the Duck .I'm gonna steal your idea about the foil on the rotors , I thinned mine as well going from .055" -.035" much better scale thickness.

  7. Pissworm500's Avatar Member
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    Apr 2015
    great build dr dave where did you fabricate your forks, would you recommend the photo-etched set

  8. Dr Dave's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
    Join Date
    Nov 2006
    Hi Ronnie. The forks are originals from the kit. The chrome and paint was stripped off and they were cleaned up so not a blemish could be found. I primed them and painted them gloss black, then I wrapped Bare Metal Foil 'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild. around the inner fork tubes and used a couple of photo etched hose clamps around the rubber caps that protect the oil seals.
    The photo etched chain set is fantastic but you need a lot of patience to put it together right. You can't rush it and you need to be careful not to drop any of the pins on the floor or you may not find them again. These chain sets are now very hard to find and I've been told that they are now out of production.
    Studio 27 'Mike Hailwood Replica' Ducati rebuild. still produce their chain sets but they are more expensive, a lot more detailed, and more difficult to assemble as these are working chains.
    If you like tiny intricate detail then you'll enjoy these chains.
    Hope this helps you Ronnie.

    If you like this kind of detail, have you checked out my Yamaha TY125 build in here somewhere. I spoked the wheels by hand and found it to be easier than I expected it would be.
    Last edited by Dr Dave; 04-26-15 at 06:17 AM.
    Bull dust, blowflies, & the outback. Heaven on earth!

  9. Viking's Avatar Member
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    Jun 2015
    Flaming hell, Dave. That's a work of art.

    As for the bike chains, there are places that still make them. Try HobbyLink ( and (UK based, specialises in car and bike kits).

  10. BIGOLDDAVE's Avatar Active Member
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    Nov 2016
    absolulely amazing.....i am in awe

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