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      This is a Gunze Sangyo HiTec kit I got a few years back. It's a collectable but I got it for a bargain price when I came across it at a model contest. So I figured I might as well build it. Thee frame is a soft metal and it has real spoked wheels. Those were fun wiring up. I do want to get the new Tamiya Honda RC110 Bike 1/12 Honda RC166 with all the added extras to build. That's in my Amazon wish list right now. Anyway, here's the bike:

      But first here's some of the WIP Honda RC110 Bike shots of the wheel:

      Here's the fork:
      I painted AlClad on the shiny metal parts because polishing them up really didn't make them shiny, they looked more gray, same on the engine too:

      Here's some engine shots:
      I put some Yellow on the gas line to make it look like there was gas in the line.

      Here's the bike without the fairing:
      I made the stand. It didn't come with one, but they gave directions on how to make it.

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  1. Nortley's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Honda RC110 Bike-1005230057-jpgBeautiful job on the 110. You'll love the 166.
    Scorpio - Builds models the way the prototype should have been built.

  2. spinellid82's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Mike, I am currently working on the RC166 and have all of the detail sets available. It is an awesome kit! This is my first 1/12 bike and i think I am hooked! Do your self a favor, if you don't have one get an Optivisor! The photo etch chain is quite fiddly but well worth the effort but those rollers and pins are TINY. Have fun building it! I will try to post some pics of mine once I get the engine, swing arm and front end installed.

    Nortley, beautiful build!
    USMC, Retired

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  3. Mike C's Avatar Active Member
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    I like that stand Nortley made for the fairing. I'll have to make one like that too for the RC166 and the RC110 already built.

    I do have myself a magnifying lamp, one of those type with the florescent loop bulb around it. I build plenty of 1/24 and 1/25 with PE parts. You picked quite a project for your first 1/12 bike. You'll love it. Here's a YouTube video you may find of interest about the 1:1 Honda RC110 Bike bike:

    Honda RC110 Bike
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