Model of the Month, also known as MOTM, is a contest that awards builders who share their builds by posting them to the community.

Any Build Thread is eligible for the Model of the Month award. Any member is eligible to nominate a model for Model of the Month.

[B]What determines the Model of the Month?[/B]
MOTM is based on a simple nomination system. The five models with the most nominations in a month’s time are automatically generated into a final poll. All members are then able to vote for their favorite choice amongst the five final modifications.

[B]How can I nominate a model for the contest?[/B]
Members are allowed to nominate as many models every month as they wish, Nominations can also be cancelled during the month.
Every model thread has a link under Build Information titled: 'Nominate for MOTM' that allows you to nominate that model.
[B]Global Guidelines:[/B]
No builder may rally for nominations or votes for their model internally on Any evidence proving this will result in the models disqualification from the contest.
Builders are allowed to post a single link to the Model of the Month poll in the model thread that was nominated.
Builders can NOT link to urls that automatically nominate or vote for their modification. Doing this will breach Global guidelines #1.
Builders can NOT use the Update thread feature to notify members to about Model of the Month. This will result in an infraction and disqualification from the contest.
Any complaints or questions should be queried privately to a staff member via the Private message System.
All models nominated must adhere to the policies in place regarding posting at

[B]Nomination Guidelines:[/B]
Members are allowed to nominate any number of models each month.
Members can remove a nomination at any time prior to the vote being generated.
Nomination counts are reset every month, and the nomination process continues as normal.

Models currently in a vote cannot be nominated again the following month, once their vote has completed, they may be nominated again.

[B]Poll Voting Guidelines[/B]
Voting is ultimately up to the voters. Be sure to take a close look at all the nominees prior to placing a vote. Judgment is based on one’s personal opinions – no one else’s.

[B]Voting/Nomination Dates and Deadlines[/B]
Monthly polls are generated the first day of every month. Nominations will still be valid for that month until the poll is generated.
The previous month’s winners will also be announced the first day of the next month.