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      with time I realized that to do too many things at once is not always' a good thing, so I decided to resume and complete the bow of Victory, Mantua model, I was tired of seeing her in this condition, the I will use 'as a test for my next work,

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    I have just returned to work, this model was originally one of my test to do the interior of a ship and had abandoned their jobs because 'there were no details and drawings that I did not like was the 1996, but sorry left unfinished, I will 'at least to finish it in the best possible manner. The first job will be 'to finish the cover in copper, for' aging use the liquid for burnishing of weapons. something I'm contentoe 'that the little plant for the light inside still works
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    experience has helped me in the section to finish the first deck of the Royal William, unfortunately I have no photos, but the bridge has all the guns complete with all the strings, and the rudder and 'functioning

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