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      Here are some more photos of the ships that Barry has done a job on. I've not seen anyone doing precision wrecking until I met this fellow. He likes to build his shipwrecks just as they are sitting on the bottom of the sea.

      There are a couple of models packed in boxes and a couple under construction so I will post more photos in here when they become available.

      We'll start with the German battleship Bismarck and the aircraft carrier Yorktown.

      Build Photos

      More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-003-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-002-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-001-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-1-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-2-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-3-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-bismarck-yorktown-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-yorktown-jpg 

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    Another battleship resting on the ocean floor. I can't remember the name but I will find out and add it to this post.
    Attached Images Attached Images More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-022-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-021-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-020-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-019-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-017-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-010-jpg 

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    This one is not really a ship wreck but it is weathered a bit. Barry scratch built this landing craft in 1/35 scale from ply wood and many other materials. Then he built all the vehicles, men, and stores to go on deck. As this is one of his earlier boats, he now looks at it and says 'I need to fix that thing up a bit. It's no where near rusty, dirty and muddy enough, and it should have scratches and dings, inside and out, from being knocked and bumped by vehicles. It's too straight and clean'.
    Attached Images Attached Images More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-loaded-landing-craft-1-35-scale-001-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-loaded-landing-craft-1-35-scale-002-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-loaded-landing-craft-1-35-scale-003-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-loaded-landing-craft-1-35-scale-004-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-loaded-landing-craft-1-35-scale-005-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-006-jpg  More shipwrecks.... by Barry.-barrys-boats-005-jpg 

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    Hey Barry, you have done a great work, I had never seen before doing this type of work, its really awesome, I appreciate your work, I like it very much, thanks for sharing a pics of your work.

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