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      Allison V-1710 V-12 "F" Type Aviation Engine

      I just finished this model and thought that it may be of interest to someone else interested in this engine.

      For quite awhile I have wanted to build a model of the Allison V-12 in its basic "F" type aviation configuration. There are several resin kits on the market in 1/72 and 1/48 scales but they are too small for me to work comfortably with and have some issues with accuracy. The only plastic kit I know of that was commercially offered in a larger scale is the early 1960's AMT 1/25 Custom-Competition kit #3007. However, it is not a model of the aviation version of the engine but is of the engine as it was modified for use in the early Unlimited Hydroplanes and possibly some drag cars of that period.

      I was intrigued with the idea that maybe the AMT kit could be modified to create a fairly accurate model of the basic "F" type aviation engine. It had to be done with very limited modeling resources and as little added expense as possible.

      After purchasing several kits on eBay I studied one and saw that overall the accuracy was good and that the basic central core of the engine - crankcase, cylinder blocks with heads, intake manifolds, etc. - was true to the aviation version. The changes needed were predominately at the front and rear, the gear case at the front being the biggest job. It required considerable reworking from an overdrive boat style unit where the driveshaft (boat prop shaft) exits the case below the crankshaft centerline to an underdrive aviation unit where the prop shaft exits the case above the crankshaft centerline and shaped as close as possible to the proper shape of the aviation case.

      The supercharger housing and carburetor mount, carburetor, and starter also needed considerable reworking. The starter gearcase needed to be removed (not used on the "F" type engine); a generator, vacuum pump, exterior coolant tubes and manifolds, an air intake scoop, and a number of other small parts added. In the end I reworked to some degree almost every part in the kit in order to achieve the desired outcome and proper scale appearance. There is a photo of an aircraft museum display engine of the correct version, left front view, which can be used as reference when looking at the left front view photo of the model to get an idea of what I was trying to achieve with the front gear case.

      Also, since I had a second kit I quickly rough assembled it (using mostly two-sided tape) in its original kit form and included a photo of it placed next to the finished model for comparison.

      I did not fit exhaust manifolds to the model as can be seen. The manifolds in the AMT kit I believe are supposed to represent P-38 aircraft manifolds as commonly used on the early Unlimited Hydros which was what I wanted. However, they are not accurate to the originals. So far I have not been able to fabricate anything that I like so I left them off. The exhausts are an on-going project.

      I made two engine stands since I was not sure which style I would prefer.

      There is a photo of an engine as installed in a Curtiss P-40. Initially when I started to build the model I intended to build it representing an installation as pictured with the motor mount frame and the corresponding plumbing, coolers, etc. I found though as I got into it that working in this small scale with my limited resources it was difficult for me to reproduce those parts properly in scale that looked correct, at least to my eye. So I decided to just concentrate on getting the basic engine correct which was a sizable challenge in itself.

      I think a larger scale of 1:12 would probably be about ideal for this type of model. It would offer a compromise between a comfortable size for accurate scale detailing and an affordable price for the basic kit.

      There is also a photo of my small workstation. It is just a 14 x 11 cardboard box with lid for tools and a 17 x 11 green hobby mat to work on. Also a 2.5x Opti Visor and a 4x eye loupe. Since I don't have a dedicated workspace for hobby projects this arrangement allows me to have a mobile station that I can work out of and store away when finished each night.

      Once this basic version is built there are a number of other versions of this engine as used in different aircraft that could be modeled. Four with two-stage supercharging and the turbocompound version. All in all a fun but challenging project.


      Build Photos

      1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-amt-allison-1-25-scale-model-kit-3007-1-jpeg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-rs-quarter-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-left-front-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-stock-engine-left-front-jpeg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-left-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-left-rear-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-rear-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-1-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-2-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-front-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-top-view-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-tube-stand-rf-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-stands-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-original-amt-kit-version-1-jpg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-allison-1710-p40-installation-jpeg  1/25 scale Allison V-12 "F" type engine-tools-construction-jpg 

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    Michael J.
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    It is a matter of history, that most of the DB 605 engines shared their fate with the third reich.
    Thanks to God and the Allies, there aren't too many to put them on wheels. So, ironically, the Me bf 109 was still produced after WW 2 powered by Rolls Royce Merlin engines( the one to shoot them down), and even the Israelian Air Force used these fighters, produced by Hispano and AERO. Most of the post war movies are presenting the Merlin powered Hispano planes. (Just to mention it, I don't have any sympathies for the Nazies, only talking about historical facts)


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  2. gluefinger's Avatar Member
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm joining the site and the post to help detail my Testors Miss Bud hydro.

    Just missed out on a bid for an Allison parts pack engine. Any online hobby shops have them in stock? I've looked, nothing really comes up on a Google search for me.

    Still haven't read the whole post yet but looking forward to it.

    Just to note, the hydro used a Merlin V-12 engine but looking at options.

    Am I correct in thinking the AMT Parts Pack engine is a marine engine? What was this parts pack engine originally packed with???

    Is there a 1/24 scale Rolls engine out there anywhere better than what is in this kit???

    Nice to meet everyone,

    Box Art Photo

    Allison Parts Pack Engine (not in kit)

    Instruction sheet showing simple stock engine molding.

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    David Brooks - Indiana, USA

  3. Nortley's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Hi David, AMT reissued the allison in a package with some other racing stuff a few years back. The original appeared as just the parts pack with no car or anything else. The ancient Airfix spitfire has a merlin, it's basic but looks like a merlin. I hope this helps, fast boats are fun.
    Scorpio - Builds models the way the prototype should have been built.

  4. spinellid82's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    I just bought a Trumpeter 1:32 P-40 for the engine. It is going to find life in the Lindberg 1:32 T Bucket. Almost done with a 1:25 T Bucket but tempted to put one of these in it also. Barely started the Big T from Monogram, got the TDR IRS and a modified TDR IFS and the TDR 350 with a few custom scratch built parts. Big All would look so sweet in it! Donations? LOL
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