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      Yesterday, I started building a Fokker DVIII in 1/16 scale, and I've already ran into major problems. My plans, which are from Scale Aircraft Drawings Vol 1, don't seem to match up. In the page with the internal structure of the fuselage, the top profile seems a bit shorter than the side profile. I would really appreciate it if someone verified this for me. Ive finished the fuselage sides already and will post pics soon.
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    I am looking at the same page. I think they are idendical what may be throwing you off is the very end where the rudder post mounts. look at page 50 the fuselage is identical to that of the DRI triplane. The drawing on that page shows more detail and demensions.


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    Wow! another 1/16th build.Lookin forward to this one.
    For Large Pictures see:

    My 1:16th dioramas are now on permanent display at the Canada Aviaion and Space Museum,in Ottawa,Canada.The apprailals for the museum were done by Shep Paine who valued them at between $15,000 and $25,000 (US) each.

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