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      Hi everyone,

      I started this project about three weeks ago after seeing this:
      So far, I have made and rigged both "fuselage" sides

      The woodwork is 1/16 bass stained with minwax golden oak and the rigging is beading wire. Turnbuckles are made from steel wire found inside those paper covered wires that are used to bundle vegetables at supermarkets. It is wonderful to work with, being soft and rust resistant. The brackets are brass colored with a Sharpie permanet marker. Rigging the thing was hell as any tension on the wires would either distort or break the wood and loose wires look sloppy. I finally found that as long as both wires were equally tensioned, there would be no distortion. However, a few of the wires are still loose, but I am happy with the overall effect. This is a slow project, so please be patient with me.

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      Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-029-jpg  Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-030-jpg 

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  1. DonnyW's Avatar Active Member
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    Sep 2008
    Hey..nice start Xing. A good idea for the turnbuckles too..I must try that way sometime

    I look forward to seeing some more progress

  2. Xing
    Xing's Avatar Guest
    Thanks DonnyW.

    Currently, the fuselage is almost finished, other than some rigging and the joystick. The seat is bass and ply colored with a Sharpie. I am stumped about the joystick. I want working control surfaces, but there seems to be no way to make such a small universal joint. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I attempted to make the engine with lost wax casting but the mold did not fill completely so I will try milliput next.

    The forward control surfaces are completely finished. The rudder is attached and works, although the action is a bit stiff since I used wire for the control lines. Oh well
    The elevator is complete although I will wait until the fuselage is finished to attach it. Its hard enough to rig the thing without having to worry about breaking other things. The hinges are paper colored with a Sharpie and superglued on.

    Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild
    Attached Images Attached Images Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-001-jpg  Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-002-jpg  Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-004-jpg  Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-005-jpg  Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-006-jpg  Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild-007-jpg 

  3. DonnyW's Avatar Active Member
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    Sep 2008
    An interesting and unusual looking aircraft xing

    I dont know if you have any reference for the control column (steering wheel ?) but I doubt if its a universal joint as such ? Often there is a horizontal bar which turns in a bearing at either end of the bar.. this movement controls the ailerons. The joystick then passes through a hole in the bar and is pinned allow the elevator movement. Its quite easy to make using the K&S range of brass tubes which fit inside one another. If it is a steering in the Bleriot ..the wheel doesn't rotate just moves in all four axis. Hope this makes sense. I will try and draw it out if it doesn't.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Xing
    Xing's Avatar Guest
    Thanks again Donny. Ill try to finish the fuselage tonight.

    Baby White Monoplane 1/16 Scale Scratchbuild

  5. lemuel's Avatar Member
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    Oct 2010
    This looks magnificent. I made one of this as a balsa and tissue free flight model a few years ago. Yours is inspiration to make another..

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