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      The following kits parts were added to the engine:

      - The 4 left cylinders
      - The water inlet piping
      - The intake manifold
      - The exhaust manifold
      - 1 set of rocker arms (Intake & exhaust) and the actuating spring and housing

      The cylinders were polished and painted, all the necessary drillings made and prefitted to the block.
      The water inlet piping was polished, blued and provided with its connecting hoses and elbows. I also added some grommets to give a finishing touch in the place where the pipes enter the a terminal piece turned out of brass.
      The intake manifold was highly polished and installed like that...a small drill and a spigot was made to aid in the installation of the intake pipes afterwards.
      The exhaust manifold was polished, blued barely just to give a "burnt" and old look and it was milled at the exhaust to simulate the mouth (the kit part is solid)
      The rocker arms were polished and a very tiny spring was added to both (Blued for color contrast) which in my opinion gives them a most gratifying result...

      This is a very tricky installation and demands both patience, 3 or 4 twezzers and more or less six hands...all used at the same time!!!.........

      More to come....


      Build Photos

      1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220008-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220001-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220002-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220003-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220004-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220005-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220006-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220007-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220009-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220014-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220017-jpg  1/16 Jenny build 1 - J-p5220013-jpg 

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