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      Ok as requested heres the build so far of the two Hasegawa P40's .
      I'm building a series of Models 15 in total all for the 2OTU museum but one of these is an M which is the M I'm currently building in the photos here. This particular model is for a good friend and fellow P40 Nut who can't build a model to save himself !!
      The remainder of the Kits including the E I'm also currently building will all represent Aircraft which servered here at Mildura number 2 Operational Training Unit during the second world war.
      The P40E-1 will represent the first of the first batch of five aircraft to touch down here at Mildura and will be the first aircraft to land here A29-82 .
      It will wear folidge green & dark earth upper scheme with light sky blue under scheme early style commonwelth rondels of the Britis Type of Red white and Blue instead of the latter RAAF Blue/White and no Fuselage Call codes as it didn't wear any throughout it's 2otu service life.

      The Other P40M will be a 76 sqn machine A29-337 and carry the same color scheme as the E but will have a white tail group and wing leading edges , Aluminium & Red spinner with fuselage call codes SV-P . I'm looking forward to painting this paticular model as it was very badly weathered which I love replicating on a war plane.
      Jeff I might also mention these kits are very accurate compared to the very old inaccurate Revel P40 but they do not fit together as well as you might think for new Hasegawa tooling.
      The rear fuselage plugs should be glued separately to the forward fuse halves not as indicated in Hasegawa's instruction Manual , also the forward wing root to fuselage join is very poor and needs alot of work.
      Managed to complete both of these builds , love to hear some feedback on the builds both positive and negative , I have broad sholders!!


      This is the E wich will include a set of Jerry Rutman resin wheels , RB productions US Seat harnesses and aussie Decals

      Finished as Kittyhawk A29-82 Royal Australian Airforce No 2 Operational Training Unit

      P40M which will include a set of resin diamond treaded tires RB Production Harnesses and Assorted Aussie Decal sets.

      this is a photo of P40M A29-337 SV-P I'm replicating second from the foreground.

      Finished as A29-337 P40 Kittyhawk 76 squadron Royal Australian Airforce.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Sean. I've been led to believe that this kit is an easy kit which got me to buy it in the first case. If you find any more glitches, let me know. Thanks in advance.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

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    Awesome builds, what an honor to be asked by the 2OTU Museum to build them!! Then again with your builds I'm surprised you are not working for the AWM!
    Cant wait to see the weathering on the finish!

    Proud to have served.

    Wondering, WHY ME? since 1972.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Doc ! I'm a volunteer there and the guys put in a Grant and were successful .
    Some time in the pipeline I've plans to do a Diorama of 2OTU in it's entirety , not an easy task but man it will look awesome , I was thinking of doing it to 1/144scale .
    I've got paint on both the P40's now and will take some more photos when I've got Decals on them.


  4. For those interested I've just updated these builds check my first post for Photos.


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