Hi all, new guy here. I go by Evo_10 but Evo will work just fine. By profession I am a 20 veteran of Mitsubishi Motors, and a Master technician. As a youngster there were way too many models built to recall, as I got older I turned to models I could get more bang out of. These days I am an avid N scale model train enthusiast, not only building the train components but also large room size dioramas and layouts.
The main reason for joining this forum is to pass on some of my latest finds. These are large scale, 1/12, what I would consider craftsman kits from names like Tamiya Greetings and salutations, , Protar, Doyusha, and Hasegawa Greetings and salutations, . I have also been building a lot lately as that a lot of my finds had been started or were missing parts. Those missing parts were combined with other kits to facilitate building, those that were started are works in progress and include:

1/32 Teracruzer with Mace missile
1/35 Deuce and 1/2 X's 2 3 kits used to make two displayable models.
1/35 Long Tom X's 2
1/35 Sherman X's 4 all kits have missing parts, but did manage to find 1 sealed kit.

Kits that are fully intact and I'm on the fence as to weather to sell them or build them are:
1/12 Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler
1/12 Ferrari F40
1/12 McLaren Honda
1/12 Williams Renault
1/12 Porsche 934
1/12 Benz 450SL convertable
1/12 Benz Gulwing
1/12 Protar Ferrari 312
1/12 Protar Fiat 1500cc

The above listed along with another 20 plus models conclude my latest find, if anyone has interest in any of these, or tips on assembly let me know, I will post them to the for sale board with pictures.